Monday, September 05, 2011

Alex Buchanan on the Song of Solomon

I am always on the hunt for positive and encouraging insights into the Song of Solomon - a favourite Book of the Bible to me. Through a conversation on Facebook I have been having today with a friend and fellow member of my home church in Dunstable, I have been drawn to Alex Buchanan's website and found a downloadable book on his insights into this great book.

"I regard the Book as a wonderful illustration of the relationship between Jesus and His Bride. Between God and Christians. It is a love story, but as we read on we will realise that, although it is romantic, it is also demanding and at times dangerous.

The themes are -

The strong love between bride and groom, i.e. the Shulammite woman and the shepherd -

His utter faithfulness and her relative faithfulness – she failed hin twice.

His jealous love, and loving anger (ch5:6).

The seduction of the world and the flesh (assurance of and trusting in our own resources)

The dangers of the unequal yoke. Supposing the woman had married the king and not the Shepherd! It would be like a Christian marrying a non- Christian contrary to what the Bibe says.
No need for inhibitions. What is wrong with speaking of sexual union in a pure context? The Bible is frank and wholesome in it’s treatment of sex. After all, God invented it!

Personally my greatest passion is to know God better than I do and to be more like Him than I am. The Song of Solomon has been a great help to me in realising my ambition. I still have a long way to go – but I am going! I hope more than anything else that this Book will help some to be more deeply in love with God, and therefore more obedient to his commandments".

I am looking forward to reading more!

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