Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Official SGM Board vindicating C J Mahaney

So here's the link to the full 51 page report vindicating C J and his ministry.

The key point: Mahaney is going to return as President "temporarily" (his words) in order to prepare and transition SGM for a new leader.

There is also a small addendum discussing why SGM pastors were not entitled to vote in this matter.

The reports were leaked on "SGM Wiki-leaks" - who we also had to thank for leaking the Brent Detweiler documents. Originally the SGM Board were going to publish their report on Friday (tomorrow) but I guess the leak forced them to publish officially a day early. C J himself also commented on his "Cheap Seats" blog (his first entry since August 12th - not forgetting Dave Harvey removed C J's "confession" blog).

Read and digest. I've got my suspicions on who his successor will be. I am hoping I am wrong because it will mean my optimism has been seriously misplaced yet again. I am determined to try and be optimistic and remember the precious visit I had to Grace Church Bristol and the grace I had shown to me and the welcome.


Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

I suddenly had a thought while tuning.
You know how grace looks absolutely opposite in its outer manifestation.

Like, what's transforming you on the inside is loads of people in poor condition that you are caring for and cheering up etc. ie what's on the outside is pretty bad actually, and your job is to make their situations easier andcare for them in it.

Or.... you know the opposite appeared to happen with Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. The truth may have been, yes he certainly did that stuff...but actually he really did have a relationship with Christ, and was finally fed up of toadying around to the Illuminati, and as soon as he wasnt playing the game as a President should, they dropped him in it. According to the internet,what Bill did was fairly normal and mild compared with what Presidents are more or less expected to get up to. There's a long hidden tale about what Marilyn Monroe's real story was about....

Now Nebuchadnezzar suddenly announced himself as totally great, and God said no you're not, and for 7 years or so he lived like an animal...which worked wonders on his insides....and became very God honoring after this.

In the same way CJ suddenly writes a book on humility, and loads of our friends write...Huh, doesn't know the first thing about it!
Well , maybe that was just the direction he was heading off in, and God organises a bit of outside stuff, to work some inside stuff.

Because as I say, the external view of grace doesn't look at all like the internal view.
jus' thinkin'.

There's life in CJ yet, methinks.

Dan Bowen said...


I hope you are right. Truly I do. I wonder if C J's problem is more than he is surrounded by a bunch of "yes men" who are afraid to call him to account.

Rather like another leader I know.

Therefore his thoughts, are translated into "commands" of the papal nature. So what he intended as purely a pondering - became policy.

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Don't know the situation to comment. You know far more than me.