Thursday, December 01, 2005

Tweaking the Balance ...

This is a very brief blog entry because I was locked in a side room at work all night with a kid with an infection ... so it was just me and my latest book by Dave Devenish; "What on Earth is the Church For?". Highly recommended! He just gets better and better. By the way I did do loads of work too. Just in case you were wondering.

I feel that I may have tipped the scales of tension in responding to Mark's over-caution (the way I perceive it) and want to re-emphasise that I am not advocating throwing out discernment and the need for reading, studying and scholarship. My point was PASSIONATE HUNGER for the Spirit of God. Therefore I thought this link would interest many.

It is the database to Ern Baxter's library which is housed in Mobile, Alabama. Ern had an impressive library of 9, 000 books and journals and articles and I am aiming for the same. If not more if I can. It makes for very interesting reading, to get a feel for what interested Ern - especially the books that he would have vehemently disagreed with. Yes ... even MacArthur's hideous "Charismatic Chaos" was in his library (as it is in mine ... but mine had a lot of annotations). So I think it really shows that you can be a mad, passionate charismatic longing for more and more of the experience of God and His Presence, and yet a deep desire to study and learn more of God Himself.

My dream and only New Year's Resolution is to go and spend a week there this year!! Just short of heaven surely!!

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