Saturday, December 24, 2005

Life On Wings.

I think it's fitting that as 2005 draws to a close our thoughts do drift ahead to the New Year. What does 2006 hold for us?? Will we be closer to God this time next year or will we stagnate and still be mulling over the same issues and longings and problems?? This website was named "Life on Wings" for a reason. It was the name of one of the two most unique sermons that Dr Ern Baxter ever preached. (The other was called "Thy Kingdom Come" preached at Kansas City in 1975). You can actually hear this sermon online at Mark Heath's website: - it is WELL worth the time to listen!! During the sermon, Baxter actually sang a song he had composed himself - centred around his aim during the sermon.

The whole sermon was centred around the theme that we are meant to represent eagles in our Christian lives, and in the sermon he examines the abilities and characteristics of the Lords of the Skies.

Here is the song and I reproduce it, because in it, are my aims and goals for 2006:

"Many baffled birds in vain will wave one wing.
Drooping prayers they pray but rarely shout and sing.
Round and round these earth-bound birds go, in a maze.
For they fail to stretch the other wing in praise.

Rise and soar into the sunlight rays.
Using both your wings of prayer and praise.
Mount like eagles, higher in the sky.
And you'll find things look so different when you fly.

Exercise your wings oh Christians, pray and praise.
We shall have the best revival these last days!
Glide aloft and spread the message glad and strong.
See ten thousand angels swarm and swell with song.

Rise and soar into the sunlight rays.
Using both your wings of prayer and praise.
Mount like eagles, higher in the sky.
And you'll find things look so different when you fly".

I can't resist giving just one extended quote from the sermon - it is the ultimate key (in my belief) to worship. I don't think some Christians really know where we are going in worship. Sure, we all know why we are worshipping - but where are we going in worship? Here's what Ern Baxter thought:

"A Christian is a man who is able to fly without trying. But he must know the secrets of the winds. There the eagle stands on a rock, batting his eyes and waiting. But as that eagle poises on the rock, he is waiting for something. He is waiting for the right breeze to come.

Did you know, if I may say so that this is the secret of worship? This is the secret of public worship ... There is a key to every meeting. When we seek total restoration, we will see a key in every meeting. I've found that the Holy Spirit knows how stupid we are. He very seldom touches on more than one subject in one meeting. He knows we can't handle more than one. I've have been in revivals that run for weeks. I have tapes of them that I sometimes listen to and once you have been in these sessions, you are spoiled.

Where for three and four hours, running through the prophecy, the tongues, the interpretation, the message, the singing - there will be a single beautiful prayer that the Holy Spirit is saying.

The eagle understands the air current. Suddenly he knows that this current is the one. And with a scream that they say is indescriabable, those mighty claws give one lift and up he catches that air current, mounting up and up. Up he goes never flapping a wing. Just riding the air current. Like the eagle we are built to soar on the currents and know the secrets of the Wind. It is in our bones".


KJ said...

I am writing this through tears and I will explain why... Years ago, I obtained a cassette tape entitled "Eagle Christians," by Ern Baxter. I still have this worn and weathered tape, which is truly one of the most inspiring messages I have ever heard! For me, it tied up the essence and victory of being a Christian in one "bird"– an eagle. This eagle has become my mascot of sorts as I have found myself– many times- drawing upon Ern's analogy and humility.

I did not realize that Ern had passed on. I came across his message through a tape club and this was my first introduction to him. Thus, I shed tears when I realized that a man whom I have never met or seen and yet influenced my life with such impact, has gone on to glory (he's with Grandma now!)

Thanks for writing this! I will say that I transposed the words of this message and there is another verse that you don't have listed. I will try to dig it up for you.

Higher in the sky,

Dan Bowen said...

Hey KJ - thanks for the comment! I join you in loving the eagle as a most appropriate mascot for Christian living. Sorry you didn't know Ern had passed on to glory! Indeed even though I was 10 when he died, he left a huge "Grandfather" hole in my life - and most certainly my home church wasn't the same again into which he had such an input.

Look forward to hearing more from you.


Anonymous said...

I would love to have a CD of the sermon " Eagle Christians" by Ern Baxter. I also heard the casset many years ago and would like to know where to get a copy.
My E-mail is
I hope you can help me...

Anonymous said...

Yes, I too still now in 2013 have that tape from Ern! It has changed many lives in South-Africa. Even after all these years- I still sing the song and taught it to my children, - share it wherever I go. The Eagle is our mascot! Pray! Praise Him!- Our logo! Wilma Cape Town, S.A

Anonymous said...

... timeless ...