Thursday, December 29, 2005

"The Circle Is Now Complete".

This is just a very short note ... I am hugely excited to find that two of my childhood friends have joined the blogworld. Dave and Jonathan Skipper - these brothers have the most incredible minds imaginable and their blogs will testify to their logic patterns. Both well worth a visit - though I would guide music fans towards Dave. Why is the circle complete? Because they, and myself and Mark ( used to have the best theological discussions and post-mortems of the sermons at our home church in Dunstable ever. We are proud to be informally Dr Stanley Jebb's spiritual grandsons! - Jonathan's site named in honour of and after the great 17th century 'intelligencer' and philosopher. It was said of Hartlib that; "only through the dissemination of knowledge would the millenium be achieved".

In Particular ...

I am greatly interested in a comment made by Jonathan ( - in light of the discussion concerning mentors ( - he suggests that books can and should be in some respect our mentors. I like that and am going to consider that more. Because it has been a suspicion of mine for some time that books - the written word - has an incredible impact on us. Therefore as Jonathan quite rightly notes, we should be extremely selective with what we read and what sits in our libraries.

And ... - Dave's site.

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