Monday, January 01, 2007

Looking forward to 2007!!

Many use the New Year as a chance to look back and reflect on what kind of year they had. I'm not one of them because looking back doesn't seem to be always looked on favourably in the Bible. Lot's wife looked back and she didn't fare too well. If we accept that the Christian life is a journey, then surely the majority of our time should be spent looking forward to see where our steps are taking us - with the occasional look back to encourage us with our progress.

For me the key question for 2006 concerns the fact that Rob Rufus said at "Together on a Mission" that the Lord had told him that this was the year that He would move in the United Kingdom. I could have missed it. Maybe Rob got it wrong. Maybe the Lord started the work but as yet it is invisible and we are yet to see the results. Dave Holden's message is absolutely key here - "What we do when the Lord is not moving in power". We carry on working! We carry on ministering in the Spirit! We carry on praying and fasting and hoping and looking for revival!

So I want to devote this blog to my friend Jon's website - "Prophetic Reformation". He was key in me starting up the "Spirit of God!" blog and his site is one of the few sites I read regularly. He has updated his site recently and it is well worth a visit. There is much on the prophetic here that is devoted to developing in maturity in this essential gift and he writes from experience. This particularly excited me - he said;

"Credibility is returning to the prophetic".

This particularly caught my attention and has been true in my experience;

"Something so valuable and encouraging has been spoiled by those who have not really applied integrity to what they say and do".

Amen! Rather than getting scared off life in the Spirit (as I bemoaned a few days ago) let us heed Jon's call;

"Return to a biblical model for the prophetic gift and ministry".

He writes a useful piece on Paul Cain and is sound and balanced in dealing with "fallen leaders". This has been on my mind concerning William Branham. Why is it that we who have been forgiven so much are so good at shooting those we should call brothers? If the prodigal's father silenced his plea for forgiveness, threw his arms around him and held a party - should we show any less passionate welcome of returning prodigals? I remember Rob Parsons said once; "When the Father's house is filled with the Father's love then the prodigals will come home". What worries me is that there are some prodigals out there who don't actually want to come home because of the lack of love in the Father's house.

With this in mind there are two exiting posts I want to point out before I go. My friend Pete has reflected on the interview I posted on Christmas Day with Ern Baxter regarding William Branham. He brings some awesome reflections which really back up what I have been trying to argue. Also see "Spirit of God!" blog for a new prophecy website I have found.

Let 2007 be a year characterised by passionate welcome of the Spirit of God's moving among us, and let it be characterised by love for the unlovely! And maybe, just maybe this will be the year that we see the tidal wave come crashing in.


Peter Day said...

This is a very encouraging new year post! We desperately need to see a return to a biblical model and to use properly this precious gift. We waste precious time by undoing messes left behind by unbiblical "prophetic ministry." If we learn to use this properly then there will be fewer casualties and more saints built up, and then we will the church growing so that "we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God unto a perfect man..."

That's something worth fighting for!

Gavin White said...

..the foundation of Christ built and established by apostles and prophets is key to the maturing and the unity of faith of the Church in 2007 - good post to start the year with Dan!

Baxter's Boy said...

Many thanks guys!! So appreciate your comments. I have got this burden that any reviving that the Lord does bring MUST concern His corporate church. He doesn't want to raise up lone souls but He will if they are all that is willing! Oh that the entire body of Christ be mobilised and open to His prompting!!

And this is where Gavin's comment is absolutely key. We need a basis of Ephesians 4 Ministries to lead and guide this. Dave Holden said that it is only Ephesians 4 Ministries that will ensure mobility!! Therefore let us seek and pray for and long for apostles and prophets to propel the church into 2007!!