Sunday, January 21, 2007

"Ditch Diggers Revival" - Full Text Available!

I have had a few problems trying to access the Ern Baxter documents that Google Reader are hosting for me. I'm not sure why this is (being the technical dummy that I am) but I was really concerned that this would mean that some are not able to read the outstanding sermon of Ern's that I posted recently.

"Ditch Diggers Revival" MUST be read! It simply is essential preparation for the People of God in hoping and waiting that He will come down! I have therefore posted the whole transcript here. You have no excuses now!

In the same vein, I am so grateful that Luke Wood made mention of Terry Virgo's latest sermon that he preached at Church of Christ the King in Brighton. Terry's text was from Exodus 4 and it was about the vital place of "leaving the past behind". I was so utterly challenged by the following quote that Luke made available for us:

"Sometimes people carry a lot of pain, and I want to encourage you... will you let go of it? Don't carry pain; don't carry unforgiveness. Because sometimes we feel we've got the upper hand; if we won't forgive we feel like we've got power over people. You say "no I won't forgive them, I'm not going to let them off, I'm not going to let go."

You [should] say, "No, I freely forgive."Will you do it? It's a choice, you know. The Godly life has a lot to do with making good choices, not only in places you go and what you do with your money, but choices about attitude, forgiving people, letting them off the hook, not carrying it with you through your life... are you still carrying unforgiveness towards anybody? Are you going to carry it through this year as well? I want to appeal to you... let's deal with it."

The sermon I heard by John Hosier recently strongly condemned the error of waiting passively for revival. Here from Terry and from Ern are key ways in which the People of God can ensure that we do not simply wait in hope "gazing into heaven" but are about our Mission - constantly in prayer!

Next Blog Post!: In line with my "Get Your House in Order" resolve, I am getting rid of a lot of audiotapes that could be of more use to others than to me. I have a box full of C J Mahaney tapes that I will catalogue and post so keep your eyes peeled. First come - first served!


stew said...

hi just found your blog thru searching for c j mahaney sermon tapes. cool would be v interested in whatever you have got and would pay whatever you want. let me know asap! ta stew

Anonymous said...

Why are you getting rid of them?