Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Together on a Mission 2007 ... BOOKED!!

Well Scotty and myself are booked in!! God was extremely gracious to me in my pay packet this month and I felt booking for Brighton is the best way to express my gratitude!! Pete has promised he is 99% positive he is coming along with some old friends of mine from London so it should be a good group of us!

While I was booking this sentence on the Newfrontiers website caught my eye. "Brighton is ... where Hudson Taylor resolved to pioneer into inland China". There is something about Brighton. It is incredibly exciting to consider this! Did Hudson Taylor ever dream that when he left the walk on Brighton beach he would be heading resolutely on a one-way trip to China? When the Holy Spirit is allowed to do what He will - then who can tell what will result from this potentially world-changing conference?
For some reason Scott feels that he should be going to the "Understanding Islam" Training Track. He doesn't know why and he's never thought about reaching Muslims before but he just feels like he should! I can't help but wonder what is to stop God moving upon him like Hudson Taylor and he finds himself walking off the beach at Brighton and going who-knows-where?!

This is the kind of conference that "Together on a Mission" is. As Terry Virgo said; "Come and be refreshed in the presence of God. Come and be further trained and inspired so that you can serve God with fresh zeal encouraged by a fresh encounter with Him". Do you really have a valid excuse as to why you might not go?

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James b said...

Thats so incredible about Scott!! How awesome that God is leading him so definately!! Wow - can't WAIT to hear exactly what goes on there!