Saturday, April 07, 2007

Looking to the Horizon

There are many things that I would like to delve into on this blog - especially now that the Ern Baxter website has been brought and is being made ready for all the material to go there. It frees up this blog to document more accurately my thoughts, ponderings and ramblings! But I just can't get away from my dream that the tidal wave is coming to Brighton. Terry Virgo wrote; "Let's pray fervently that God visits us in power at Brighton". Are we ready for God to visit us in power if He so chooses?

I have booked to go on the "Holy Spirit and Church" Training Track hosted by David Holden. The speakers are Terry himself, Dave and a guy called Julian Adams who I must confess I didn't know much about. But as he is to be one of the speakers I have been on a research trip. His story is incredible. He writes a blog here. This is his story in brief:

And I LOVED this post that he wrote in November last year. It is entitled "Outpouring" and it is like water to a thirsty soul to read the words of a prophet of God who is seeing the same hopeful, optimistic future that I have been longing for and praying for. Here is some of it:

"I can honestly say that we are living in days of incredible prophetic moments. I am yet to be in another meeting where the eminence of God’s kingdom breaking in was felt so powerfully. The sense of God’s presence and power was electric ... I felt God show me a picture over the Thames. I was hovering over it and saw water levels rising in the Thames. I felt God say that revival was already happening and we were standing in it and the river is about to get deeper. I felt strongly that this would be a physical sign and we would see the water levels rise in the river Thames physically. Just after our time together, a friend reported that his basement was flooding and the water levels were rising, the incredible thing is that his house is situated right on the River Thames! God confirmed His word physically in just a couple of minutes after the word was given!

I then spoke at a youth event called E37. E37 is a prophetic picture the young guys have had about a valley of dry bones becoming a mighty army after the wind of the Spirit has blown on them! The wind was blowing on them that night. It was encouraging to see young people begin to prophesy after I did some activation in the prophetic. So many of them were bringing extremely accurate words over each other! God touched so many and one of the young ladies who were there began to get gold dust covering her hand! It seems as if God is pouring Gold out on many and we are starting to hear about it breaking out all over the place. I love how God treats us as royalty and is pouring out Gold as an incredible reflection of His Glory on His children! I do so love Him!

I want to end this by saying we are in a season of Outpouring! God is on the move and touching so many. Just this week at my local church, Church of Christ the King, people have been saved and have been baptised in the Spirit through Alpha courses that are being run. Terry Virgo at one of our meetings bringing so many stories of God’s healing power breaking into his meetings! People in different parts of the UK are experiencing growth and some even seeing gold dust being poured out! The promise is simply that if we ask He will pour out blessing on us! Blessing that propels us forward into radical mission and demonstrations of His kingdom!"

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