Thursday, January 03, 2008

Off to CCK, Brighton on Sunday!!

I think God has an amusing sense of providence. These last few weeks have been quite confusing in regards to what I think about Terry Virgo and Newfrontiers and where they are all going. I've switched from faith in God and faith in Terry as a wise master-builder, to fear that he is being courted by Reformed cessationists in a bid to make him "respectable"!

So I noted on Sunday that Terry is preaching at CCK in Brighton and the wonderful Phatfish are leading worship. I really felt a sense that we should go and be there, so go we are!

I'm really excited (and a bit fearful). CCK has always been the most powerful church in the United Kingdom I have ever been to. The Presence of God seems unusually manifest there in extraordinary ways that it is hard to find elsewhere. I've got a desperate hope first and foremost that we will encounter God there in power as He loves to come on the gathered corporate Bride. I hope to be able to sense something of Terry's heart and vision for 2008 (even if he doesn't say anything specifically about Mark Driscoll's visit - which is fine). I can't wait to be lead into the Throne Room of heaven under Phatfish's such Spirit-sensitive leadership.

I promise to post a full report next week!


jul said...

Have fun!

Dan Bowen said...

Fun?!!? At church!?! I thought church was a duty we had to do?!!? ;) At least, that's what I was always told!

Hee hee thanks!

Ellie said...

Tell Terry we said hi!

sgm pastors wife (feeling a bit naughty) said...

I think you should prophesy in CCK that Rob Rufus is like Issaac - he doesn't have to be not invited to Brighton anymore. There is a calf caught in the bushes who looks something like Mark Driscoll who can be sacrified so that Rob can return and minister to us and bring the glory of God in like a tidal flood ...... ;)

James B said...

LOL SGM Pastors Wife!! :D