Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Prophecy of Angels - Ministering Spirits!!

At present I am posting the prophecies that were given during the "Glory and Grace Conference" in Hong Kong on the Rob Rufus blog (here and here so far). I have mentioned about how outstanding the depth of the prophetic was during the conference and I have been trying to figure out why. Here's a couple of thoughts;

1. The Holy Spirit was let loose. I realise that sounds somewhat almost blasphemous because the Holy Spirit is God - He doesn't need to be let loose surely? Well in my 30 years of church experience, I've seen plenty of what the Word of God would call Him being "quenched". So I think "let loose" to burst in flame is actually quite accurate. During the conference Rob Rufus told us that he had promised God before the conference he wouldn't turn down a single prophecy. Obviously the fleshly and the heretical would be dealt with (of which I heard neither) - but he said that he was so tired of the prophetic being turned down. There was free reign at the conference! And I think the Holy Spirit took full advantage of that.

2. Prophecying for Mission. Cessationists delight in recounting prophecy after prophecy of self-delighting and self-worth. John MacArthur has many prophecies to recount in his various books for example. But in Hong Kong I heard again and again God's heart for the nations thunder out. And how in line with 1 Corinthians 14 is that? The unbelievers will come in, hear prophesying and fall down and say "God is truly among you!". For example one prophetic statement that kept occuring was; "China is Mine!". Another example came from a prophecy of Rob's;

"I am going to establish a move of My Spirit in Hong Kong that will touch the world". He said; "It won't primarily touch the church - it will touch the world. It will touch the church but it will touch the unsaved"

I suspect in my experience that the Holy Spirit gets excited when the church's heart matches His own to see the whole earth covered with the glory of the Lord.

I am thrilled that this particular prophecy was included on the CD because it proved quite catalytic for me personally. I shared here on my testimony of my time in Hong Kong that Ryan Rufus (Rob's son) prophesied about angels. As soon as he began prophesying I began to have a dramatic vision of an angel manifesting behind me and firing my worship to God. Well here is the transcript of the prophecy and what Ryan declared;

"God said to me the other day that these are the days that some of your closest friends are going to be angels. Your closest friends are going to be angels of God - the cherubim of His glory! You are going to get to know them in these days - they are going to reveal themselves to you. You will even get to know their names. I see angels on the left of us and on the right of us and between those cherubim of His glory - I see His glory Presence coming down on us!

These are the days when our closest friends will be angels of God! Oh, my friend went out running the other day (his name is Tony) and he was doing these laps and he was feeling quite discouraged. Suddenly he saw a mighty angel right next to him and he reckons it was an angel of encouragement and he heard the angel saying; "Tony go for it! Keep going! You are doing well! Run man! Keep going Tony! Pick up the pace and run!".

I see heaven open! I see the angels of glory - the cherubim angels of His glory coming down upon us that are in Christ bringing the glory Presence of God! God come in Your glory! Bring your glory! We say "Come angels descend upon Christ in these days in Jesus Name!".

Whatever we may make of that prophecy - we cannot deny that angels are ministering spirits sent to serve the mission of God and indeed us in these final days. Countless men and women through the Bible saw angels manifest to them in times of need. Why not us? We are at the climax of the consumation of the ages! Do we not need angels in these days? Maybe those with inbuilt "discernment detectors" are going mad at this point. Yes indeed Lucifer appears as an angel of light - but genuine angels will not point to themselves or draw attention to themselves. Indeed the Word of God makes it quite plain they won't even allow any worship of them. That was my experience in Hong Kong. The angel who appeared to me wouldn't even let me look at him but kept point towards the glory of God.

May this word prove a catalyst like it was for me. Maybe you are feeling weary and broken and desperate. Maybe you are hurting. Lift your gaze - cry out to God. Maybe you need supernatural strength to keep going. Lift your gaze - look up! You may just sense the presence of a minstering spirit come to change the whole situation and reveal the glory of God to you!


Dan Bowen said...
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Dan Bowen said...

I had a question about the picture I used to illustrate the blog. It was a phenomemon that appeared in the sky during William Branham's remarkable ministry. Despite his later doctrinal error, he had a unique healing ministry of which Ern Baxter said that he never saw Branham get his word of knowledge wrong once.

The ministry of Branham was characterised by angels, a pillar of fire appearing in his meetings (Rob Rufus told me about that one) and with signs and wonders in the sky.