Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The "Hovering" Presence of God

I have just finished transcribing an absolutely GLORIOUS message - Rob Rufus was preaching in Dubai at a "Glory and Grace Conference" and he made mention of Psalm 91:1; "He who dwells in the shadow of the Most High". Rob made some comments about this verse that gave me a new insight into the Word of God and the dynamic Presence of God. Up until now I have always read that verse and thought of a static Presence. But Rob said;

"Shadow" - that word is the "Hovering Presence of God" - it is not just a static Presence. It is a Presence like we see when the Presence of God was hovering over the deep in Genesis 1:2. This is like a helicopter over you and there is a down-draft of the Presence of God. The hovering Presence of God - the shadow of the Almighty will be over your life".

I found a clip on You-Tube that illustrates this quite well:

I have lived with this revelation for a few days now since I last heard it and typed it on the Rob Rufus blog and it is certainly having effect on my life! Why is it that we in the Church reduce God to a static, remote Being in heaven? Everything in the Word of God points to Him being a dynamic, Living Being who delights to break out and demonstrate His power, His glory, His miracles, His signs and His wonders! In short He delights to show the world that "the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof, the world and ALL that dwell therein"!

It is a remarkable difference - the traditional evangelical view of "living under the shadow of His wing" is quite passive and defensive. We even used to sing an old chorus in the Charismatic Movement that went;

"Living under the shadow of His wing, We find security - Standing in His presence we will bring - Our worship, worship, worship to the King. Heart to heart embracing in His love, Reveals His purity - Soaring in my spirit like a dove, Holy, holy, holy is the Lord".

There is nothing wrong with that more gentle image but when you live with the very dynamic image of a helicopter hovering over you constantly with downdrafts of power affecting you and coursing through you, suddenly it becomes not quite so surprising that in the Book of Acts; "their shadows healed the sick".

May we all become more concious of the powerful Presence of God hovering over our lives and using us to His glory to further His Kingdom and demonstrate His power in covering the earth with His glory!


lydia joy said...

Oh cool, I can't wait to read the notes. This reminded me of an experience I had with the Lord long ago. I was really enjoying a time of quiet with the Lord after really delving into my bible, I decided to huddle up in a prayer position on the floor and got lost in prayer and praise before the Lord, suddenly I experienced a sense of some kind of shadow over me like someone may be standing behind me and I got up and looked around, I swore someone had to be there! Well, I told a friend about it and she said, Wow, sounds like you should keep on spending time like that!!! I have never forgotten it - thanks for reminding me with this post!!!

(diane) Sgm pastors wife said...

Ooooooooooohhhhh do you know what?? I read that post and watched the You-tube clip and the Spirit of God FELL upon me!! He really did! Within Sovereign Grace Ministries, I can't really testify to having encountered the Spirit of God in power very much. But I've never ever seen that verse in that way (and I am guessing without reading the notes that Gabriel's words to Mary wud apply here too)? Wow I am tingling all over and feeling the Presence behind me that Lydai spoke of. Thank u for this!

lydia joy said...

Diane that is so GREAT!! Now you are ruined for anything less!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Diane! I'm jealous! :)