Monday, October 06, 2008

Rob Rufus's AWESOME Priorities!!

I've frequently been told that I should stop being frustrated wanting more in the Christian life and should "settle down" and ... yes that hated phrase again; "Get over it". Whatever "it" is - but that's for another post and for another time. I was driving home this morning listening to Rob Rufus's recent sermon; "The Struggle For The Authentic - Part 1".

He said;

"I would rather have 100 frustrated Christians who want greatness in their lives rather than a bunch of passive low risk people who are happy with the unacceptable all around them and who live their lives in selfishness and smallness".

"Happy with the unacceptable". It occured to me when he said that, that could be an amazingly insightful diagnosis on a major problem in the Christian church. Maybe we aren't "happy" with the unacceptable but certainly am "resigned" to it. What things are "unacceptable" to me that I may have been happy with or resigned to? Definately the lack of the supernatural in my life and also the mixture of law and grace in the Gospel.


lydia joy said...

I have tolerated too much that I shouldn't have as well......after reading this post I was reminded of a phrase I hear Bill Johnson say often, "What you tolerate, dominates!"

Don't settle Dan..........keep on wanting more in Him, bigger and better, You are a Prince of the High King of Heaven, you have resurrection life alive inside of you!!!

Nick Cameron said...

Dan - can I just say that I would be worried if you DIDN'T want more in the Christian life!
Once you have tasted of God's presence, His love, just of Him then nothing else ever satisfies or even comes close! You get addicted to Jesus! I have had the pleasure of some of those 'encountering God moments' with you and I think you will agree that you leave just wanting more even though you have just tasted! LOL!

As for the phrase 'get over it' - I don't recall Jesus ever saying that to anyone when He was walking on this Earth - so don't listen to people that say that to you! Listen to Jesus who came to bind up the broken hearted, who came to restore, to set free, to heal, to love, to encourage. Easy for me to say sat here but He knows all the things you have been through, He knows the hurts, He has known the times when your cries for help have gone unheard by others - and because God knows; He is the best one to bring the healing that you need - and it will come... but these things can take time - the Lord won't rush you cos He wants to heal you completely from the past and bring you forth His adopted son, His heir, the one whom He sings over (which you are already by the way) but when you come from the healing stream you won't just be that way before God, you will know it and you will feel it....and you will stand with your head held high, strong and restored and you will be able to hear Him again say that He loves you, that He delights in you ....and you won't disagree with Him any more.......