Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Singing Rob Rufus!!

This post came to me rather spontaneously - and I've learnt to listen and think when those spontaneous thoughts come. Many people think of Rob Rufus as being primarily a preacher and a prophet but some who are perhaps newer to Rob's ministry don't realise that he is a very adequate musician and singer as well. "Singing prophecy" is something that is new to my Christian walk and I must admit to certain misgivings when I first encountered it. I believe the first time I heard a sung prophecy was by Bob Kauflin in conjunction with C J Mahaney. Being honest - I thought it was odd and couldn't see the Scriptural justification for it. I don't know if both men still do that anymore but my experience with the sang prophetic went on and I began to hear it at the Brighton "Together on a Mission" conferences.

And then of course Rob Rufus himself. I must admit Rob's sung prophecies have had profound spiritual influences on me. I love music - not being a musician in any sense of the word (!) - I still deeply love music and have found it's an amazing gift of God through which He speaks and moves. So what I've tried to do in this post is gather together clips of the times that Rob has sung prophetically - or he has just sang! I do apologise for the quality of the clips. I'm not quite sure how else to get them on the blog other than using my camera phone. But I think despite the lack of quality - the impact still comes across!

1. Rob's Prophetic Song over Hong Kong.

This clip has to come at the very top of my list and I posted it back in June of this year. Rob sang it during City Church International's "Miracle Healing Weekend" and it is packed full of vision and hope and fire for the city of Hong Kong. It gives a glimpse into the fact that Rob isn't in Hong Kong simply for personal gain or for financial benefit. He's there (and City Church International is there) because of the motivation of love for Hong Kong.

2. A Song of Worship Inspired by Grace!

This short song was sung at the beginning of Rob's message; "The Blood - Substance or Shadow?". I say it's short because it has just two verses and a very simple chorus but it's simply profound. Absolutely magnificent in simply being a song written by a man who's life has been changed forever by the grace and wonder and majesty and Presence of God. And this song of worship - everytime I hear it - it challenges and provokes my heart to reach out and seek God to draw closer to me also - to desire His Presence.

3. Prophetic Song from "Glory and Grace Conference - Hong Kong".

This short clip begins with a bit of music from the worship team and then Rob sang a very short few sentences but I so vividly remember being there at "Glory and Grace" in Hong Kong when he sang it. It was such a prophetic statement of truth - but it wasn't just words alone. So many times I have heard prophecies spoken and even prophetic songs sang and felt very little. They are so empty when the Spirit of God doesn't brood in weighty glory on the words He wants His Church to hear. This clip can't even convey how the glory cloud filled that place!

So there's a few already. This is a post I hope to add to - so if anyone knows anymore recordings where Rob has sung prophetically or other then please let me know and we can add to this. Why am I doing this? It's not to exalt one man. Rob would never want or allow that. It's meant to be a motivation and a prompt (mainly to myself) to see how the Spirit of God can touch and use men and women to utter forth the truths of His glory. I can't sing - but I've got a voice and I must utter forth what He says!

Above all that - I hope - I really hope that listening and hearing these songs bring an awesome sense of God's Presence to you as you hear them.

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Sheila said...

I think singing the spontaneous word of the Lord is something the Holy Spirit will be doing in a fresh way. Interesting. I have been deeply impressed to tell my husband (who is also a more than adequate singer/drummer/guitarist) to GET READY and have that guitar ready...I see him picking up his Maton (an extravagant gift from a dear friend) in the MIDDLE of a message, and beginning to just sing...

What cool confirmation!



Picture me blowing into our imaginary "pub", a cold wind coming in behind me, my hair askew...a big grin on my face, and *totally* excited.

I know this is "off topic", but please allow me to announce the engagement of my daughter Hannah to a man of God by the name of Justin McConnell. It just happened last night, on OUR (mine and Tim's) 22nd wedding anniversary - prophetic, prophetic, because our daughter has actively and for years prayed for a marriage like what she has observed in her daddy and I (to God be the glory, great things HE has has certainly not been by might or by power, but only by His spirit we have been so blessed!)

Justin did not plan to propose on our anniversary - he didn't realize it WAS our anniversary...that was a God-thing. My daughter is so psyched, and happy, and re-assured by the Father in heaven that "good things are declared in the heavenlies" over this forthcoming wedding/marriage.

Please indulge me/forgive me, but above all please share my joy!

Thanks for allowing me to burst in like this.

Now I'll sit down and have whatever Dan's having. Whew. I need to sit down...I am worn out.