Friday, November 07, 2008

Dave Devenish Hit By the Power of God!!

I love, love, love watching people touched and struck by the power of God. I have been watching some ministry videos while I've been off sick from work and this particular main session of David Devenish's at "Together on a Mission 2007" was particularly awesome to me. The notes are available here. It so reminded me of the power of that conference and the way God fell upon us - and made me hungry for more! It also occured to me how preaching - the best preaching - contains a prophetic element to it. Even Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones attested to the fact that the Holy Spirit fell upon him at times during his sermons at Westminster Chapel.

I don't tend to speak that much about David Devenish but I do have a profound love and respect for this man. Many church leaders and so-called "apostles" don't really fit the New Testament model because they don't stray far from the safety of the Western world and the riches of the church at which they are based. David Devenish seems to be constantly somewhere deep within Eastern Europe or the Russian states faithfully proclaiming the Gospel of power. Yet while he is a man of the Word of God - the Holy Spirit powerfully rests upon him and it is always somewhat nerve-wracking experience wondering what and when he might break into prophecy during his preaching!

Not hearing Dave Devenish preach this year at Brighton was certainly something I greatly missed - you cannot fail but find your faith lifted by the world vision that he presents. If anyone's interested in hearing more of Dave - then here's some links to more sermons that he has given at times. In this day and age we need speakers like him!

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