Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Ern Baxter with William Branham

Just couldn't resist a final quick post and a link to a site I discovered set up I think by supporters of the late William Branham. It's called: "Believe the Sign" and there is a seperate page devoted to Ern Baxter and his involvement with William Branham. They very kindly link to the website that is hopefully being still developed with Pete Day - "Ern Baxter dot com" and make reference to an interview with Ern that I published about Branham.

The photo that they published was also of great interest to me - it is Ern Baxter standing deep in thought in front of a ministry car for William Branham. The website very honestly makes note of the fact that in his later years Ern Baxter seperated himself from Branham's doctrines yet never, ever (a point I had to argue and battle with some of the elders at my home church in Dunstable who were trying to claim that Ern Baxter didn't support Branham) argued with the verifiable and authentic miracles that he witnessed while travelling with Branham.

Here's a video that I published some time ago - of an interview with Ern where he was discussing William Branham:

Why do I make mention of this? I mentioned yesterday that Rob Rufus provokes me by his relationship and continual encounters with the manifest Presence of God and the resulting signs and wonders that follow the message of grace that marks his ministry. I have found a video on You-Tube of testimonies from Kings Church in Eastbourne following Rob's visit that we were able to be at (Pete, Scott and myself along with Nick and Malcolm):

The difference to me - the unfolding revelation that is clear to me marking us out as different from the days of William Branham and the other healers of the 1950's is that in those days people flocked to those men and women seeking a miracle from them. And God blessed them graciously! But what I feel passionately now is that Rob Rufus among many others have opened up the truths of the Scripture to us to show that we ALL are responsible for seeing signs, wonders and miracles following OUR ministry and OUR witness.

The question is - will we accept that we are the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ and as such are equipped by God the Holy Spirit to go out and make His Name famous among the nations!?


Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

I'd never met any Branhamites until the mid 90s in Southampton.
If people start believing Branham to be one of 5 Elijah types...where does that put scores of others, some known to us, some operating in hidden parts of the world who regularly move in outstanding signs and wonders...who also act as a sign to bring fathers and sons together?
Morris Cerullo feels his ministry at this time is to raise up a generation of Elijahs....to also fulfil these prophetic scriptures. I cannot talk too much of this for I have not attended his meetings for nearly 10 years. My misgiving is this: I feel called to reproduce Christ in others...obviously by first pressing in myself. I do not see a mandate to produce Elijahs...or to put it another way...if we reproduce Christ by the Spirit in others....why would we bother just with an Elijah anointing. You have Jesus, you have the lot, surely.
Perhaps I am not understanding something specific between God and Morris alone on this.
I love what God is building here. We(three brothers from Havant) just returned tonight from praying with another brother in dire need. And I love that we can do this together as a small expression of the Body of Christ...and not as a one man ministry thing. We may have a ways to go...but it is a beautiful thing God is building.

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Dan I think you'll love these