Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Song of Sonship ...

The last couple of blog posts have quite coincidentally been about the issue of sonship. It was a coincidence particularly as the sermon I have been transcribing of Rob's over New Year has been: "Sonship vs Christianity". My prayer at the end of 2008 was that a kingdom of sons would rise up to change the world. Thanks to Jonathan Edwards I have been reading and basking in a series of quotes that have drawn attention again and again to the spirit of sonship we have received.

There is an absolutely perfect song of worship that couldn't sum this up better. It is the hymn; "Before the Throne of God" and couldn't have been sung more perfectly than at Stoneleigh Bible Week in 1998 and led by Lou Fellingham. Fortunately that year they captured the worship on video so can be replayed here. The one line of the song that keeps on replaying round my mind is;

"For God the Just is satisfied to look on Him and pardon me".

How better can the gospel be summed up!? Here are the videos - I had to split them up because the song is a bit long! But well worth it! May they exceedingly bless;

When I look at the faces of the gathered thousands at Stoneleigh, it seems to me that mankind is never more glorious than when he is worshipping his Maker, his Lord and his Father.

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lydia joy said...

It seems as though you are back in swing..........yippee!!

I love coming to visit you and finding that you did it yet again, you have encouraged others (well me at least!) and you have yet again shared the GOOD NEWS and blessed HIS VERY NAME!!

Here's to an ever increasing knowledge of the one who holds and keeps you in the NEW YEAR!!