Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Rob Rufus Prophesies of the Glory ... !!

I was listening to last Sunday's worship at City Church International in Hong Kong and during the singing Rob came and prophesied this;

"For there are coming days in the earth when My people will not know momentary mantles of My power, brief periods of manifestation of My glory. But it will become a normal thing to spend most of your conciousness walking under an awareness of My Presence and My power on you. I am the God who manifests! But the degree and how often I manifest is determined by the hearts of My people and their desire to see heaven in the earth.

I have raised up a people in this place who's burning longing is to see heaven come! Not in momentary moments, not in visitation but to bring habitation to ALL of Hong Kong! To see the city with My glory paraded down the main streets! Through the back streets and the back villages and even onto the islands and the fishing villages! My glory will reside! My glory will remain! My Presence will stay! Even in this hour it is coming to the people of God that want heavenly experience on the earth!".

How awesome is that?! That echoes our deepest hearts desires! I heard Iain Murray say rather categorically at the Jonathan Edwards conference that John Piper hosted; "Well revivals always end". And I found myself quite cross and thinking - well yes historically they always have ended. But why do they HAVE to?! Why can't they continue?! Why can't they last and spread from sea to sea and shore to shore?! Why can't they last until the nations and far off shores see the light of the glory of God?!

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