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1970's and 80's Charismatic Resources

I remember one of the first times that Pete Day and I visited my favourite bookshop in London -Geneva Books - I was fascinated to talk to the gentleman who owns it. He is elderly but has a wealth of experience and I usually end up talking to him as much as I do sorting through the treasure trove of books for treasures! For those who haven't heard me mention this bookshop before, it is the largest collection of Reformed and evangelical books in the UK I believe and the cheapest!

But in one comment the owner mentioned that he had a past in the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement and had built up a considerable private collection of books that (regretfully) weren't for sale and he kept in a private bedroom somewhere in the large house. You can imagine I wished for a moment I was invisible and could go and have a peek!

Well ... recently I have thrillingly re-acquainted myself with my childhood friend J-D Laurence who is training for the ministry in Bristol. We exchanged a number of emails and most of them centrered around our interest in our charismatic heritage. J-D and myself are in a rather unique position in terms of being able to remember when our home church was charismatic and moving in things of the Spirit but also to be able to remember the transition from that. Many younger than us don't remember anything. And many older than us are uncomfortable discussing it.

So I to put together all my books, tapes and magazines that I have on the Charismatic Movement and make a page of resources that I primarily can take down to Bristol when I meet J-D but also keep for interest sake.


"Pre-Dales Bible Week 1977 Conference - Question and Answer Session" - Ern Baxter, Arthur Wallis and Bryn Jones - personally transcribed.

"Dales Bible Week 1977 Ministry - Binding the Strongman" - Dr Ern Baxter - personally transcribed

"God's World Purpose" - Dr Ern Baxter

"Secular Humanism - Man Striving to Be God" - Dr Ern Baxter.

"Thy Kingdom Come" - Dr Ern Baxter.

"The Beginnings of Church Life" - Dr Ern Baxter.

"The Beginnings of Christian Life" - Dr Ern Baxter.

"Vintage Years - New Wine Articles (1969-1979)" - Dr Ern Baxter, Charles Simpson, Don Basham, Derek Prince and Bob Mumford.

"From Refreshing to Revival" - Terry Virgo, David Holden and John Hosier

"Worship - a Heart for God?" - Bryn Jones

"Revive Us Again!" - Bryn Jones, Terry Virgo, Arthur Wallis, David Mansell et al

"To the Praise of His Glory" - David Fellingham

"Christ's Radiant Church" - John Hosier


1. New Wine Magazine

New Wine Magazine - June 1969 - "New Wine in New Wineskins".

New Wine Magazine - October 1969 - "Empty Tomb - Jerusalem".

New Wine Magazine - November 1969 - "A Body Thou Hast Prepared".

New Wine Magazine - January 1970 - "Christian Television".

New Wine Magazine - January 1971 - "A Highway for the Lord".

New Wine Magazine - January 1974 - "Morals and Ethics".

New Wine Magazine - January 1975 - "And He Shall Reign".

New Wine Magazine - September 1975 - "Becoming a Servant".

New Wine Magazine - October 1975 - "The Restoration of Manhood".

New Wine Magazine - February 1976 - "The Body of Christ".

New Wine Magazine - June 1976 - "Yielding to Change".

New Wine Magazine - July/August 1976 - "Evangelism; Personal and Global".

New Wine Magazine - March 1977 - "Binding the Strongman".

New Wine Magazine - July/August 1977 - "Kansas City Conference".

New Wine Magazine - September 1977 - "Overcoming Rejection".

New Wine Magazine - October 1977 - "Jesus Exalted" - Conference Transcripts.

New Wine Magazine - January 1978 - "Balancing the Goodness and the Severity of God".

New Wine Magazine - February 1978 - "Embracing Suffering".

New Wine Magazine - March 1978 - "Overcoming Fear".

New Wine Magazine - February 1979 - "Secular Humanism - Part 1".

New Wine Magazine - March 1979 - "Secular Humanism - Part 2".

New Wine Magazine - January 1980 - "Preparing for the 80's".

"New Wine Magazines - Ern Baxter Articles" - Collated Articles by Ern Baxter from New Wine Magazines - 1975+ - Personally Collated.

2. Restoration Magazines.

DVD's and Videos

"Rumours of Revival" - Interviews with Stanley Jebb, R T Kendall, Terry Virgo and Bryn Jones

Audio Tapes

Although I have a large number of particularly ministry tapes by Ern Baxter and by Terry Virgo and by Stanley Jebb I have selected the tapes which give particular insight or teaching into the Charismatic Movement and the era of the 1970s and 80s.

Dr Ern Baxter

1. “The King and His Army” Series from the Lakes Bible Week 1975.

- The Head and Shoulders Man.

- The Decline and Death of the Head and Shoulders Man.

- Transition from One King to Another.

- The Army.- From Hebron to Zion!

2. “Where Are We Going?” Series from the Dales Bible Week 1976.

- Session 1 – “A Crisis Beginning”.

- Session 2.
- Session 3 – “Miraculous Living”.

- Session 4.

- Session 5.

- Session 6.

- Session 7 – “The Land, Located and Described”.

- Session 8.- Session 9 – “The Kadesh Crisis”.

3. “The Priestly Clothing” Series from the Anglia Bible Week 1983.

- Session 1 – “A Kingdom of Priests”.

- Session 2 – “The Linen Breeches”.

- Session 3 – “The Coat of Fine Linen”.

- Session 4 – “The Robe of the Ephod”.

- Session 5 – “The Ephod”.

- Session 6 – “Strange Fire”.

Terry Virgo

"The Story so Far" - Stoneleigh Bible Week 1998

"David and Saul - Part 1" - Brighton Leaders Conference 2004

"David and Saul - Part 2" - Brighton Leaders Conference 2004

Dr Stanley Jebb

I should note Dr Jebb has publicly changed his opinions on the majority of the content in the tapes below. However there are still remarkable insights into the Word of God and stellar Bible teaching which is why I have them.

"Reformed Doctrine and Charismatic Experience" - Life in the Spirit Conference 1987

"Charismatic Experience in a Reformed Church" - Life in the Spirit Conference 1985

"Ephesians 4 Ministries" - Life in the Spirit Conference 1986
So there they all are. Maybe not as big a collection as this mysterious one housed in London at Geneva Books but certainly some of my favourite and well-read. They keep reminding me that my childhood memories of my parents standing with arms raised worshipping God in Spirit and truth was not a dream. They remind me that hearing other church members bringing strange sounding prophecies and tongues was not heresy but was actually sowing seeds of a desire and a hunger for authentic New Testament church. They remind me that was indeed a season of refreshing from God - not to go back to and stagnate but to pass by and exceed seeking to do the works Jesus did and greater works also!

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gios682 said...

We are a family who is flowing in
New Testament Spirit-filled worship.
We are located in the Delhi, NY area,
and the apostle of our church was the late William Ward, who was revealed the teachings given in New Wine Magazine back in the 60's-70's. The Holy Spirit was being poured out mightily back then to get the church moving in the Spirit with God! As He moved, they moved, just like the cloud and the fire over Israel!! We are still moving in that manner today.
Bill Ward was a brother in the Lord of Bob Mumford, Ern Baxter, Don Basham, Derek Prince, and the other brothers who wrote the articles in New Wine Magazine. We are blessed to have kept the revelations of the Lord from this outpouring, and we continue to grow and move with the Spirit in them daily. We have an apostolic ministry, set in order by Bill Ward before he died, and we are a people who listen to and flow in the leading of the Spirit of God. The fruit of this ministry has reached across the United States, and we are sending apostles overseas to strengthen , establish, and confirm churches there.
So neat to find your website online. May the Lord bless you richly in His love as you search for His leading and guidance.