Monday, July 20, 2009

He Reigns!! ... Even in a Pandemic

I've mentioned every now and then that I've been working on a new job - essentially I'm working on a team at the Children's Hospital focusing on the swine flu pandemic sweeping the nation and the world. Anyone based in the UK will know the West Midlands statistics are very high compared to the rest of the nation so it's quite a challenging role. Part of my job is to take phone calls from staff, patients and relatives who have concerns and need answers and advice. And there is a LOT of concerns which is quite understandable. So these phone calls mean that in the last month I've had to learn a lot, quite fast about swine flu and what it does and may do.

What I didn't expect (maybe naively) was for that panic and fear to worm it's way through the Church. I took a fascinating but rather surprising question from someone in a church. They asked whether (based on guidance from the group of churches they belong to) - whether they should be pre-cutting up the communion loaf to limit the spread of potential infection. I did some research yesterday and I was increasingly surprised to find that this guidance is quite tame. Other churches are looking at sterile pre-packing wafers and a small goblet of wine. Other churches are banning communion altogether.

The most sensible advice I read was by a Lutheran minister in the USA who advices those with flu-like symptoms to stay at home until they are better but states that she will not stop sharing communion or shaking hands or hugging her congregation. This is precisely the advice that I gave - to me, taking the excessive step of pre-cutting the communion loaf is like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. A Christian microbiologist did some research into what germs are in the communion communal cup and found some rather terrifying things. That being said, she concluded you stand more chance of catching something from your children at home than if you partook in communion every day.

Essentially the issue is this - someone with flu-like symptoms who potentially has swine flu should not be coming to church and sitting in close proximity with other worshippers for over an hour. If they are doing so then the flu virus will spread through their coughing and sneezing whether the communion loaf is pre-cut or not and whether each worshipper has pre-packed individual wafers and wine or not.

The Christian bloggers are of course busy debating whether this is the final wrath of God or not on the back of the economic collapse. What utter rubbish. What about the Black Death of centuries back? What about the seasonal flu pandemic of 1968 to 1970? God is not mad. He spent His wrath at the Cross and His Son cried; "It's done! It's finished!". Rather this is an opportunity. This is an opportunity for the Church to stop being afraid and to rise up and show the world that we are not afraid. This is in an opportunity to show the world that healing and signs and wonders really do exist now, right now and totday here in the 21st century.

What chance does swine flu have if the fire of God were to fall in response to the authoratative command of His people? Does He reign or doesn't He? Does He heal or doesn't He? If John G Lake could confidently take some infected saliva infested with bubonic plague in South Africa and put it on his skin and watch it die because of the anointing upon him, then why should swine flu stand any more chance?

Enough fear. Enough cutting up of communion bread. Stop! Do we believe or do we not? Does He reign or doesn't He?


lydia said...

Funny thing, if Christians actually knew the true power of the breaking of bread..............they'd be taking it more, swine flu or not.

We are not given spirits of fear - no sir!!

Eutychus John Abraham said...

Good morning

A cool-headed and measured post.

My only comment is that I think you miss the point that Britain, and I include the church, is already under judgement.
We make Him sick. Because we have so much materially we say we are rich but we are wretched, pitiful, poor, naked and blind.

We need the fire of God to come and do something.

But you are quite right in that we need to understand Who is in control. And get some perspective.

Kind regards

Dan Bowen said...

Welcome back Eutychus (if you are the same one),

Thanks for your comment. If you think I'm missing the point then indeed carry on thinking so.

If you want to think that you are under judgement and that you make Him sick ... then I am sorry for you truly. I know that kind of image of God and it's not a very happy one.

I have lived for 31 years believing that I am under judgement and I make Him sick and it's driven me to depression and attempted suicide at times (I guess you would say that made Him further sick at my cowardice and selfishness).

Frankly if that is the case, then what hope is there for any of us? Let us hope that the swine flu pandemic does wipe us all out.

Because if the Cross of Jesus Christ was not enough to satisfy the wrath and anger and judgement of God, then nothing we can do will ever appease His wrath or His judgement.

"We need the fire of God to come and do something".

I am guessing you mean the fire of God's judgement. What exactly do you want it to come and do other than wipe us all out as you are suggesting?

Rather I choose to believe that this is the day of favour! The veil has been torn in two and "bold I approach the eternal throne and claim the crown through Christ my own". All thanks to Him and what He did on that day on that Cross!

Every blessing to you.

Jamie said...

I LOVE this post!! My goodness, I CONSUME life when I break bread with others. Just like what we do online! Communion!

It took hundreds of years for physical death to manifest in Adam's body after having known Life; why can't we comprehend Life can & will manifest in ours??