Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I brought a book today completely on a whim - which is quite unlike me! Normally I have to read at least a few chapters in the Christian bookshop and feel grabbed by the title or the content. My other stipulation for buying a book is usually if the author is on my favourite list of authors which is quite considerable. For example a book by Terry Virgo or Greg Haslam or Andrew Wommack or Rob Rufus will get brought regardless of the title or content because I know and trust and love these teachers and am pretty certain what they have written will be worth reading.

This book was different. I've not read anything by David Shearman although I've heard of him. I was wandering around Wesley Owen on my lunch hour and saw the title;

I opened the front cover and read his introduction and the following statement sold it. I haven't begun the book yet as I've only just got home from work so I don't know if it's good - although I suspect it will be! He wrote this;

"The Church will be more effective in it's mission of representing Jesus in every place in every generation when;

1. It understands that it has been empowered and given authority.

2. It sees clearly it's task and the power and effectiveness that comes from working together.

3. It takes seriously it's responsibility to "make disciples of all generations".

And then this;

4. It holds to the conviction that NO ONE and NO THING can destroy it.

I think that is a staggering statement. When you KNOW that you are on the winning side then you will act and walk and speak differently than if you have doubt that you are going to "make it". John Piper's book that I mentioned this morning still troubles me. Realism - fine. But negativity is just as dangerous as naive triumphalism. Ultimate triumph is assured! Let's start living it and seeing the unstoppable church relentlessly advancing!


Peter Day said...

Wow - excellent post.

Ursula Kuba said...

Exceptional statement....hmmmmm...point to ponder...not you, or I, or what we do or don't do....NOTHING....