Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Day of Favour is Here!!

I've just been blasting this wonderful beautiful song from Kate Simmonds into the flat - competing with my neighbour who is doing some drilling or something. Kate wins every time. Just reminded me how much I miss her wonderful style of worship leading. Lord ... when can I go to Sydney and relocate!?

The words are just pure grace!

"That we might be the righteousness of God! ... It's our time to arise! I am not ashamed ... I know I am changed and all You've given me - this hope, this love, this life - I can't deny Your power within me! So here I am send me! ... Be reconciled to God - Your favour is here! Now is the time - let Your glory arise!".

It reminded me so much of Rob Rufus's absolutely AWESOME song he sung in Hong Kong last year. So often gospel preaching is talking about the anger of God and that salvation is from His wrath. And yes there was an aspect to that - but the Cross finished that! His wrath is done! His wrath is spent! So our message to Hong Kong, to Birmingham, to London and the world should be;

"Turn your hearts to Me! Turn away from misery! Turn away from unbelief! Turn away from every offence! Turn away from all bitterness and turn to Me your God! For I am turning the hearts of the city of Hong Kong! ... This is your day! This is your hour! Let's cry out to Hong Kong! He doesn't visit you with judgement or rejection - He is pouring out His glory on you Hong Kong! He is pouring His glory and grace! Fathers will find their sons and sons their fathers!".

Oh let our message ring out to the lost. Favour is here! This is the time! This is the hour! Let ALL come and find salvation!

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