Sunday, October 25, 2009

How Do We Nullify Negativity in Our Lives?

Rob Rufus spoke recently on the danger of negative thinking in our lives. He made a hugely important point - and it's one I've been thinking about a lot recently. In "days of small things" - or in days when nothing much seems to be tangibly happening in the spiritual realm, how do we respond? How do we react? Do we stick to methodically preaching and expounding? Or do we continue hungering and thirsting after God Himself? Rob said:
"How do we position ourselves to let that wonderful miracle take place? I have come to the conclusion after 30 years of being a pastor that nothing in the Kingdom transacts or happens unless you come under the hovering, moving, manifestation of supernatural Holy Spirit. Nothing can happen unless Holy Spirit's manifest power comes tangibly over your life - for the Kingdom is in the Holy Spirit".

Sermon: "How Do We Nullify the Negative Things in Our Lives?" - City Church International, Hong Kong - 11th October 2009.

When was the last time you felt His tangible, manifest Presence? It was never meant to be a "special" or "unique" thing. Experiencing Him is meant to be a normal, supernatural part of every day life. Oh for more, so much more of Him!


Tom said...

Exactly the conclusion of Francis Schaeffer.

No techniques. No systems.

The God Who is There

Now practically, how does this happen?

How does it affect the way we think?
Way we drive?
And... the way we pray and read our bibles

lydia said...

Stirring the pot a little here .............It's Christ IN us that is our hope of glory, right? I am wondering if this quote of Rob's should be stated as fact - I don't disagree that having the spirit come on us tangibly is a powerful thing, but isn't it the truth that sets us free - the truth of the gospel that transforms us? I believe having the spirit in us is nothing to be overlooked - of course I did not hear the whole message yet - but I think since we carry His very presence within us, we can learn to live from our source, from who we are in our spirit, in other words walking by the spirit - it's an inside out thing, as well as yes being empowered from the spirit tangibly too. Anyway, just my thoughts - whatcha think Danny Boy?

Dan Bowen said...

A quote's a quote Lydia.

Nothing more nothing less.

I quoted it because I believe it, it rings true with my experience and it fits with what I see in the Bible as truth. When the Spirit of God tangibly hovers over someone, a church, a nation - things get dramatically accelerated and things change.

I've been listening to Rob and Ryan's transforming message of grace for a couple of years now - and although the anointing on those two guys doesn't change (it only seems to get stronger!) - there are some days and some messages I can listen to with little or no impact or effect on me.

But on days when the Spirit is tangibly and noticably resting on me and touching me, what a difference!

It was an age-old cliche during the Charismatic Movement - "The Word without the Spirit and you dry up - the Spirit without the Word and you blow up - both together and you grow up".

In our passion for teaching on grace, we need to be careful we don't forget that it is the Holy Spirit - God upon us and God come down with us, who brings that revelation to life and to fire.

A study of the word "upon" in the New Testament is very telling. Whenever that word is used in conjunction with the Holy Spirit, there are ALWAYS dramatic results. But as you said - it's both we need. We don't sit around when the Spirit isn't tangibly "upon" us waiting and looking to the sky. We continue listening and studying and basking in the revealed revelation of grace.

So did I state it as fact? Well only as much as Rob stated it as fact I guess. Whether the reader/listener takes it as fact depends on them.

Dan Bowen said...

By the way Tom - I think I forgot to welcome you here.

Thanks for your comment and even moreso the link to your blog. I'm always thrilled finding something new to get into, and it looks like I'm going to have many happy hours of reading on your website!

lydia said...

Dan I have been meaning to get back here for some time, but was never quite sure what to say - I guess I just read that quote and felt it could put people on a path that would make them feel as though unless they felt the tangible presence of God, they would never experience, well anything!! But that's not true! We know that the power of the Gospel lies in what Christ accomplished at the cross - and MUCH can happen when we know that truth and let it set us free. The more we rest in who we are the more joy and freedom from negativity, which you indeed have shared time and time again.
Anyway, I did not mean to offend you, oh noble berean that you are, I always enjoy discussing things on here with you though.......
I am sure when I do listen to the message that Rob will clear up any confusion that the one quote may have made for me.
I just think Paul focused on 'christ in you' not 'the spirit on you', though the spirit on us is wonderful and powerful, it's not the main deal.
Peace to you........