Saturday, October 31, 2009

Many Thanks to a Friend of Ern Baxter!!

I was absolutely thrilled to get an email from a man called Jerome "Jerry" Lukas. He worked with Ern Baxter and the brothers back in the days when "New Wine Magazine" was being produced and ran, and has come across this blog - as a tribute to Ern himself.

Jerome wrote some very gracious words of encouragement which meant a lot to both Pete Day (my fellow blogger and accountability friend - should I stray into heresy) and myself. Blogging is an unusal form of communication - it has the scope and the potential to reach so many but unless they leave comments, I am always of the opinion that no one is reading it!

But he has also kindly re-designed the mast-head for this blog and sent a unique pencil drawing of Ern he did which I have put here and you will see are now in place on the blog.


Steve said...


Can you send me an email? I can't find yours here on the website. I have a follow up question to ask you.

IKDGnot using google



Jerome Lukas said...


PRAISE THE LORD! I just stumbled upon this and it blessed me that you activated it as masthead and added Ern's pencil sketch.

How blessed we all are to have Ern's recorded legacy available, and now for your due diligence in perpetuating the Word of the Lord through Ern's ever amazing human frame.

A blessing in all that you do, may you be guided by His love and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

Shalom from Jerome