Sunday, October 18, 2009


The video says it all! This is another awesome worship video from Grapevine Bible Week held in Lincoln, UK. It makes me so utterly hungry for such worship!


lydia said...

go check out the latest link on City Church's messages.........2 1/2 hours of worship!!!!

Anonymous said...

Surely you should be hungry for God??

Dan Bowen said...

Anonymous ...

Why do you even need ask the question? Don't you know the answer?

If it's a genuine question then I will answer it with the care it deserves. If you are judging legalistically and critically then I'll answer a fool according to hs folly.

John Stott said that human beings are CREATED to worship. If we do not worship then we are shrivelled and wretched beings.

Of course worship can be directed to different sources. I said I hunger for worship - and I mean it. I do. If you need to ask where I mean I direct my hunger for worship then you haven't read this blog.