Monday, May 02, 2011

A Trip Round My (Much Smaller) Part of My Library.

I was stirred and enjoyed looking at the You-Tube videos posted by T4G having a tour round some of the celebrities such as MacArthur, Mark Dever and so on. I've always had a great love for books but these videos challenged me to sort my library out somewhat and make more use of the awesome resources that are available and should not be taken for granted!

So rather than posted a video (I thought that would be a bit pretentious) - here's a few pictures of what my library looks like.

So this is the "Ern Baxter" section to my library. Unsurprisingly I've devoted many years of my life to building up my collection of articles, sermons, New Wine Magazines (the pile in the bottom right of the photo) and audio tapes of this great hero of mine. The picture in the middle is of Ern sitting with some of the Dunstable elders when he came to visit in 1991 just before he went to glory.

This next picture is a couple of shelves down of the audio tapes with collections I've salvaged from my home church in Dunstable of old Restoration magazines and New Wine Magazines.

The next photo is of the collection of old Stoneleigh Bible Week videos and Brighton conference videos that I've collected as well as books on the Holy Spirit and the Charismatic Movement, gifts of the Holy Spirit and so on.

The next bookshelf is one of my favourite - all the Puritan, Jonathan Edwards, C H Spurgeon (although the majority of the Metropolitan Tabernacle volumes are housed in London).

It's been a busy few days tidying and sorting in - but made me so grateful to God for the servants He has given the Church over the centuries! The written word and the spoken word give us so many opportunities to learn more about the God that we love. But I say again - all the books and tapes in the world CANNOT replace a living encounter with God Himself. Rob Rufus said;

"I love the Bible and I preach the Bible and I believe the Word of God is of paramount importance but friends - we have got to love the Author of this Book. When Glenda was living away - she used to write to me and perfume her letters. But it is not the shadow - it was her I wanted to meet. I love reading the Scriptures but I want to know the Author! I want to encounter the Author!".

These books have got to act like clues - revealing little by little more of the One we love and adore!

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I'm afraid the portion of your library in London isn't nearly so well laid out!