Thursday, June 02, 2011


I was tremendously impacted yesterday while watching the wonderful rendition of C S Lewis's "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader". The great character Reepicheep (the mouse) during the film is talking about his belief in Aslan's country and says;

"We have nothing if not belief".

I'm sure that's biblical! I think one of the reasons why the modern day church is so pathetic at times is because I'm not sure exactly what we believe in. I was taken aback by a few comments I had via email and Facebook about my re-posting Ern Baxter's comments on a glorious future. Does it seems restorationism well and truly is out of fashion?

That isn't a problem if (as Terry Virgo says) we can be persuaded that a glorious future for the end-time church is not actually biblical and we should see the 2nd coming of Christ as a salvific act for His church. Unfortunately I have yet to see that - so will persist in believing! One of the reasons why I love remembering and delving through the past is because like a "mound of stones" - history reminds us God acted in the past and can and will do again.

This picture was from the New Wine Magazine - December 1977 (the month and year of my birth!) and fronted Ern Baxter's report from his visit to the United Kingdom and particularly the Dales Bible Week. Just looking at it reminded me that we can always have hope! We do not look to men or women necessarily apart from servants of God. We look to God Himself to intervene, surprise us and change history!

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