Monday, June 27, 2011

Lou Fellingham and Phatfish with the All Souls Orchestra at Prom Praise!

I've had two great loves and two different expressions in worship for many years now. One of course is the more contemporary style of choruses led by worship bands. The other is the mighty and triumphant hymns that express great theology. The first is the reason why I love attending Bible Weeks like Stoneleigh Bible Week and indeed church life in general. The second sadly is a little more hard to come by since I left my home church in Dunstable. Hymns! There is nothing greater or closer to heaven than singing a mighty hymn like "And Can it Be?" or "Oh for a Thousand Tongues" along with a great organ.

Fortunately thanks to the All Souls Orchestra and Noel Tredinnick - that is possible by attending one of their great "Prom Praise" events (they will be visiting Birmingham in October!). There is nothing greater than standing with thousands of others at the Royal Albert Hall singing one of these great hymns.

So I was thrilled to read on Lou Fellingham's Twitter that she and Phatfish were special guests with Noel Tredinnick at the last Prom Praise event at Easter. Here's a video that Simon Brading shot for their You-Tube account!

The best of all worlds of worship have come together!

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