Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Brent Detweiler joins the Blogging World!

Brent Detweiler always historically was one of the SGM apostles who hovered just below my radar until the last Celebration UK. I was aware of his name - but Scott and I went to just one day of the final Celebration UK and heard C J Mahaney speak in the morning. This was typical "C J" on "resolving conflicts" (ironic) - but the highlight was one we weren't expecting - Brent Detweiler spoke on the power and Person of the Holy Spirit in the evening. He spoke powerfully and with great impartation (one of the marks of a true apostle in my book) and this was followed by amazing ministry from prophetic and healing ministries.

I didn't really monitor Brent's ministry (although I knew he was very important to my friend Jesse Phillips) until I noted he had left/been removed from the SGM Leadership team/Board of Directors/Apostolic Team (*delete as appropriate). I was saddened - I realised by then that Brent Detweiler was the last truly charismatic/Pentecostal leader on the team (Brent's documents attest to the truth of that).

But of course when the recent month's drama broke - we all realised how crucial Brent Detweiler is in this whole process. I don't really know what a part Brent has played in the contributing of this present state in SGM. I'm sure he's not without blame in legalism. But are any of us? What I do believe is that he actually cares about C J Mahaney - and is prepared to lose his public reputation and any hope of his position in SGM by acting on his convictions. So for that - he has my respect and my interest.

And he's started a blog here: Brent Detweiler dot com.

His first blog is focused around the initial findings of the "preliminary panel". His conclusions?

"Here's the stunner! I totally agree with their conclusion! Based on C.J.'s publicly "confessed sins" he is not disqualified. Why? Because he acknowledged next to nothing and nothing specific except for his treatment of Dave and me eight to nine years ago! So based upon his public confessions, the three man panel is correct - C.J. is "still fit to be a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ and a pastor to others." Thanks Kevin, Ray and Carl for making that clear to all of us".

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