Friday, August 05, 2011

Keep on Believing!?

I had a strange experience last night. I had an excellent first day at work at my new job on the Intensive Care Unit and came back quite encouraged but ended up getting into an interesting discussion with my best friend about God - the manifest Presence of God - why some Christians such as Rob Rufus seem to enjoy experiences of His glory while others (like me) don't - and so on. We didn't really have any answers. We were just discussing.

And suddenly and unexpectedly I found myself breaking down into tears.

The agony of silence and the feeling that the heavens are brass just got too much. By the mercy of God I was able to chat to my dear friend Pete online and he was able to encourage me that this is the cry of hunger. I've never wept I don't think before that God isn't answering prayers or speaking but I'm encouraged if that means maybe there is light on the horizon!

This song is so unbelievably trite but sometimes it is the simple that keeps you holding on - when you can't stomach the theological heavyweight hymns! Although I love them too.

Crikey - I couldn't even watch that video while posting without crying again. Maybe there's something to this faith thing after all! Either that or I'm pregnant ... scary.

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