Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Grace and Glory Conference - South Africa

The "Grace and Glory Conference" fathered by Rob and Glenda Rufus most definitely share the top position along with "Together on a Mission" for the conferences that have had the most impact on my life. Although I've only made it to the first one in Hong Kong (so far) I always listen to the audio and love the teaching and impartation that comes from Rob, Fini, Isi and others.

I have greatly enjoyed following the most recent conference blogs by my mate in South Africa - James Preston. It sounds like they have been having an amazing time! Here's the links (audio messages are here);

Glory & Grace, Durban 2011 - Diary 2

Glory & Grace, Durban 2011 - Diary 3

Glory & Grace, Durban 2011 - Diary 4

The important thing to know about Grace and Glory conferences is that if you come simply wanting impartation of theology and knowledge you will be disappointed. There are other conferences you can go to for that. Rob particularly always does lay foundations of grace but the emphasis is on encounter with God. And there is no substitute for that!

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