Monday, November 21, 2011

Great News! Terry Virgo to speak at Covenant Life Church

I was really encouraged to hear from a friend of mine at Covenant Life Church - Terry Virgo is to speak there in December! (Josh Harris has also tweeted this). We knew that this was very possible. In that memorable week in July when all this broke out - Terry was hosting the "Together on a Mission" conference in Brighton and mentioned he would be visiting "a church in difficulty" in Washington D.C - so I hoped it would be C.L.C.

The ex-SGM'ers all hold Terry in high regard. As they said quite rightly - Terry hasn't seemed to have much to do with SGM for a number of years now. The last time C J Mahaney attended the Brighton Leaders conference was back in 2005 - six years ago.

Whatever the reason for this - I am sure that Terry will bring a pastoral, prophetic word that will comfort and encourage the dear folk at Covenant Life Church and the leadership. Terry spoke recently about leadership in transition and said;

"The Bible consistently shows God’s chosen leaders having encounters with Him and being commissioned by Him. Leaders live in the tension between the present and the future. Abraham’s heart was gripped by a vision of the city of God which was so powerful that it forced him to leave Ur. As Abraham erected his tent in the desert we can imagine Sarah asking, ‘Where is this city that you claim to have seen?’ They were living in a tent because Abraham had seen a city!".

I think that's the aching need for Sovereign Grace at the moment. They've lost their vision. They are so busy squabbling and in-fighting that there is no question as to "Where are we going?". While Mahaney and Harvey bear responsibility for this - I hope that CLC will get some vision from this visit of Terry's!

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