Sunday, December 11, 2011

Terry Virgo at Covenant Life Church!

We are currently down in Bristol for the weekend celebrating my birthday with the family. We were going to go to Grace Church, Bristol to see the folks there - but decided to spend the day at home. There were a couple of reasons for this.
(By the way on the drive home - I did contemplate going across to Christchurch, Newport as I had so enjoyed my previous visit there. However we heard that Dave Harvey will be the visiting preacher there today - so decided it would be best not to go this Sunday!).

The main reason is that I have been eagerly looking forward to hearing about Terry Virgo's visit to Covenant Life Church. This is a church where I have a couple of friends who are involved and I have been very much in prayer for them as they walk through this difficult season. I know and love Terry's ministry very much - and so was very in faith that his visit there will bear much fruit! And it seemed much fruit indeed has already been born from his first message yesterday (Saturday).

Here's what one of my friends had to say about it;

"Well, Terry Virgo spoke tonight (Saturday) at CLC. The meeting was very obviously charismatic and lasted four (4) hours. Terry gave two messages, one on prayer and one on the empowering of the Holy Spirit.

Afterward about half the congregation went forward to pray for an experience with the Holy Spirit. Quite a few people started speaking in tongues, some apparently for the first time. There were many including several teenagers who stayed kneeling or standing there around an hour joyfully praying and worshiping God, eyes closed, oblivious to anyone else. This was a powerful experience and definitely a real sight to see.

It is certainly debatable whether CLC is fully reformed. It is no longer debatable at all that CLC is charismatic".

I firmly believe in the ministry of apostles today - and in my mind - one of the primary fruits of an apostle visiting a local church is to act as a catalyst for the work of the Holy Spirit and the Presence of God in that community. They are ministries gifted by the risen Lord to do this. That is one of the reasons why I was glad that C J Mahaney, Dave Harvey and the rest of the "SGM Board" desisted from using the term "apostles" or "apostolic team". I only experienced apostolic fruit from Brent Detweiler's ministry when he came to Celebration UK. The other men - I certainly respected as gifted teachers and preachers.

So we will look forward again today to seeing Terry's ministry to the dear folk at Covenant Life Church and be full of faith that this visit will bear them much fruit. Half the congregation went forward for prayer! Surely there is much hunger there! And God being good and gracious seems to be filling that need!


CLCLongtermmember said...

I was at Covenant Life Church over this memorable weekend. I will say this;

I am pretty sure that we have never heard so much mention of Jesus in all our years at CLC. The messages were sorely needed and long overdue.

CLCLongtermmember said...

I saw this comment over on SGM Surviors;

Ok, here is an update on Terry Virgo speaking Sunday morning at CLC. He spoke about Jesus being present with us through the Holy Spirit He has given us. Afterward we prayed and worshiped God much longer than usual. Many people came forward to pray, though only a small part of the whole congregation this time.
There was a lot happening and I could not see all of it, but I did see some things that left a deep impression on me. One teenager who was notoriously unconverted went forward and was praying very seriously. I saw his mother a distance away, sobbing intensely, apparently with joy. There were several people present who have been chronically ill, who have gone to some of the best medical research facilities in the world without being cured. They made great effort just to show up and seemed desperate for prayer. They were surrounded by crowds of their friends praying much more expressively than normal.
We sang many older songs that were not typical, like “Pour out your Spirit Oh Lord”, “We are desperate for your touch”, and even one dating back to the Jesus Movement from the 1970s: “There is a Redeemer” by Melody Green. There were many tears and heart felt prayer. Some people were kneeling or lying on the floor, but I did not see much of “Toronto Blessing” style laughing, screaming, or falling.

Dan Bowen said...

Thanks for reporting back CovenantLifemember. :)

It's great to hear - I love Terry Virgo and his ministry!

Another long term CLC Member said...

I really, really, REALLY want Covenant Life Church to leave SGM and join Newfrontiers - I loved Terry's humility and powerful openness to the Holy Spirit.