Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Terry Virgo speaking at Covenant Life Church!!

I am so thrilled to watch and hear these videos of the wonderful Terry Virgo speaking to the dear folk at Covenant Life Church on the empowering of the Spirit. It's so clear and so gentle yet powerful.

Here's the video;

Empowered by the Holy Spirit from Covenant Life Church on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Dan, but I cannot hardly stand to hear Terry Virgo anymore. Although he has a lot of knowledge and speaks well, I am concerned that he may have been bewitched - caught up in the superstar idolatry which is so rampant in what passes for real Christianity today.

Is he completely deluded? Naive? Or was it simply a momentary lapse of judgment or wisdom? Why else would he allow his good name to be used to promote a degrading book which touts blatant misogyny as Christian virtue?


And, frankly, Dan, I do not understand your continuing to promote him long after your trenchant explanation of why you did not wish to attend New Frontier's Brighton misadventure a couple of years ago. Things have not gotten better, certainly, and the cult of personality continues to grow.

Dan Bowen said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for your detailed comment - as you know well, by now, I always welcome differing views!

Firstly the Driscoll connection: Yes I have seen the latest tome to come out from "that" ministry. I confess I haven't read it, and don't intend to. Tim Challies fair review I think was enough for me - I can guess at what is within those pages. I suspect we agree there. I have not changed my Driscoll concerns or dislike (although I try to appreciate the good within his ministry such as it is).

Do I like the warm connection between Terry and Mark Driscoll? No, if I am honest - not particularly. But I was never that chuffed on the connection between Terry and C J Mahaney!

I liken Terry in my mind to Albus Dumbledore (if you are not familiar with that character from J K Rowlings books - he is the Headmaster who frustrates Harry throughout the volumes by seeming to "always think well of people". Actually in the final end - we are shown that he was fully aware of some of the misdeeds of some he always seemed to give a free pass to).

I continue to appreciate and value Terry's ministry for the following reasons;

1. He always seems to impart the Presence of the Holy Spirit when I hear him preach (to me, one of the marks of a true New Testament apostle).

2. His emphasis on the grace of God is a vital neglected one in the Church today. And I hope that his connection to Driscoll, would have a positive impact. I truly fear for Driscoll's influence of preaching on women.

3. He is one of the few true leaders who manages to "hold the tension" as Ern Baxter put it - between reformed doctrine and charismatic experience. Stanley Jebb broke the tension. C J Mahaney has broken the tension and both fell on the side of reformed doctrine. Terry still manages to appreciate both. I love nothing more than being in a meeting hearing him speak in tongues (and have it interpreted!) and then preach a weighty 50 minute sermon.

As for the "cult of personality" - frankly Anonymous, I don't think it (if there is one) is self-motivated by Terry at all. He is a very "reluctant hero" and does not seek the attention, fame, adoration that men such as C J Mahaney and Mark Driscoll have shown to have.

That's just my views Anonymous - as much as I appreciate yours.

Do I wish that he wasn't as close friends with Driscoll? Of course I wish it - but I respect him enough to trust that it is a friendship he has chosen carefully! Does that mean I like Driscoll's toilet-mouth and his abusive methods as well as his near-perverse obsession with sex? Absolutely not!

And if Driscoll was invited again to a Newfrontiers conference - then I STILL wouldn't go!

I hope that clarifies things a bit from my point of view.