Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Still strongly in my 'positive' vein, I was hugely encouraged and thrilled to find that P Andrew Sandlin - who is I think R J Rushdoony's unofficial successor in the (stereotyping here) Christian Reconstruction Movement - is blogging! It can be found at:


Not only that some of his entries are a joy to read. In particular this one:

Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Afraid of the Spirit?
Why do Christians so fear the power of the Holy Spirit — the sort we see in the primitive church? Perhaps it is because He overturns dead, dry institutions. Or because He radically alters comfortable, sinful lives. Or because He forces us to think down paths or change our life in ways we find supremely unsettling

Surely, all Christians committed to the ecclesial status quo will likely never experience the mighty, drenching, onrushing power of the Holy Spirit that revolutionizes individuals, families, churches, and cultures.

Come, Holy Spirit!
posted by P. Andrew Sandlin at 11:06 PM

I for one certainly DO NOT want to be in the ecclesial status quo group! I so want and need to experience the 'mighty, drenching, onrushing, revolutionising power of the Holy Spirit!

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