Sunday, September 25, 2005

Terry Virgo Speaks Again!

I've been really unwell today so lying on the sofa and feeling very sorry for oneself was a 'must'. Especially a sofa as lovely as mine ... Mmm. But it did have an added bonus that in sheer boredom I began watching the video of Terry Virgo's second part series on "Saul and David" that he preached at Brighton 2004 - based supremely and superbly on Ern Baxter's teaching on the King and His Army from the Lakes Bible Week 1975.

And I was gripped. Although I was there in person, its amazing what passes you by. Two comments he made almost reduced me to tears;

Quoting Mahesh Chavda on the Holy Spirit; "I sensed the withdrawing of my dearest friend".


Time after time occured to me when I have done exactly that - grieved my Dearest Friend and sensed His withrdawing - or even more scarily NOT missed His withdrawing. And linked to that - endured church that isn't church. What a traversty!

And so then and there I came up with some Spiritual New Year's resolutions, because it IS a New Spiritual Year for me.

1. To cultivate the intensity of relationship with the Holy Spirit so that IF I do grieve Him, I will speedily miss His Presence and long and beg for His return and forgiveness.

2. To model my walk with Him on the lives of those great men and women of God that Terry mentioned; Kathyrn Kuhlman (I'll never forget that quote! "Are we ready now?"). Mahesh Chavda, Ram Babu and Terry himself.

3. To spend time that I have lost in grieving and quenching Him getting to know Him so more deeply and more intimately. That I could walk from a time of prayer with my Dearest Friend and that men would fall under the power of the Spirit before me!!

4. To never again tolerate church that ISN'T church - or to endure a meeting when God has not been present and is not invited.

Come Holy Spirit!


Anonymous said...

If your hobbies are Theology why are you willing to be identified as a Sagitarius Snake. An obvious abommination in the eyes of God and fully condemned in the Scriptures???????

Baxter's Boy said...

A good point Anonymous - thanks for that grace-filled observation.

Unfortunately this website doesn't give you the option of not having a star sign - it simply assigns it as soon as you enter your date of birth which you have to do in setting the profile up. Believe me I have checked.

So it is not a case of being "willing" - there was no option.