Sunday, September 25, 2005

A Few More Things I've Seen:

John Piper's new book is virtually out and available online! Woohoo!! I haven't read it yet - but starting it today:

I found this blog - excellent, informative and best of all he likes Terry Virgo:

And also this site with some UCCF input I think but excellent all the same with some amazing articles.


Anonymous said...

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thebluefish said...


Glad you liked thebluefish and beginningwithmoses - terry virgo rocks, in a kinda cuddly grandfather doing top-notch bible teaching kinda way.

we over at moses are kinda uccf connected by employment - curious as to what that might be a problem!! :D in reality a bunch of upstart guys who wanted some help ourselves so started up a website to make people write the kind of stuff we'd find helpful for ministry.

Baxter's Boy said...

Hey there Blue Fish!

Thanks for the comment! Really have been enjoying your websites - Moses and Fish respectively and going through the articles, writings and general musings. It truly scratches where I itch!

As to UCCF, I dearly love them and have fond memories!! My comment was tongue-in-cheek. I was on the CU Committee in Birmingham in my "radical" years and I caused many a grey hair for my beloved Relay and Staff Worker! And I think definately earned many a stern word!

Great to chat more!

D xx

nope said...


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Anonymous said...

hey nice posts i added you to my bookmarks

Just wanted to say everything you posted was a good read.
Its nice too see that some people create decent and entertaining blogs, yours kept me reading for well over 10 minutes.