Sunday, September 25, 2005


WOW!! I've just seen that Terry Virgo was the guest speaker at Forum 2005 - the UCCF Student Conference. Things have clearly changed since I was in the CU world!! - downloadable files here.



thebluefish said...

C'mon!!!! Terry was superb.
I think what happened is we at uccf decided to have the courage of our convictions and actually make this happen many many years after it should have done.

Superb to see uccf and nfi standing together - too very likeminded ministries that really belong together. and whats even better is to see that not just working out on the forum stage, but also on a "local church" and "cu" basis across the country.

(uccf staff)

Luke Wood said...

If I have got this right (and thebluefish can correct/confirm perhaps?) Terry was not only the guest speaker but now sits on a board of some sort with them on an ongoing basis. I think he mentioned that at a recent prayer and fasting gathering.

thebluefish said...

Terry is on the UCCF Council of Advisors, has been for over a year.

dan said...

Awesome!! I love the fact that the ridiculous spirit of 'elitism' is going and that these awesomely gifted and unique individuals in both Newfrontiers and UCCF are standing together.

Yay! x