Friday, October 19, 2007


I never fail to marvel at technology even moreso when I manage to achieve something new! I remember when I first set up this blog and was quite excited about "owning" a piece of the internet and then when I posted my first photo (Terry Virgo I think?). I've just achieved another first on our Rob Rufus blog - Grace and Glory!! I have managed to "bluetooth" (whatever that means) a video clip of Rob ministering at Brighton this year to my new phone and then transfer it to my laptop - and then manage to put it on the blog!

The video clip is this one:

It won't appeal to some people I am sure. Some years ago it wouldn't have appealed to me. I would have judged the way that Rob ministered as "surely" being in the flesh and would have walked away proud of my "religious orthodoxy". But now I have heard enough of Rob Rufus to know that he meets all the criteria that heroes such as Ern Baxter have faithfully taught - that he is a passionate lover of the Lord Jesus Christ. He believes the Bible more than many evangelical leaders I know of. But mostly he is prepared to step out and make himself look foolish in the faith that God will vindicate his ministry with signs and wonders.

Every time that Scott and Pete and I listen to this video clip that I took (it's only about 30 seconds and you can't even really see Rob himself) we get goosebumps!! It's because the Presence of God was so so heavy in that meeting and truly the fire of Pentecost was coming down on the gathered thousands there. I post this - not to show off as if I could ever do that! - but in the hope that someone may watch it with the faith and open heart to believe that God can meet them in power just as He did us at Brighton. And the fire of the Holy Spirit may come down again wherever this clip is watched!!

That's the desperate need of the hour today. Not for more theologians (although they're a great asset) but more fire. More Presence of God!! More Spirit-anointed meetings. More gatherings where unbelievers come in and say "God is TRULY among you!!". This clip shows - I hope - that God was truly among us!!


Anonymous said...

WELL DONE!! What an incredible achievement and yes - I too confess to feeling quite a tingling sensation going up and down my spine when this clip played. I am not a huge fan of theatrics in the church. It's not the place for it and it certainly isn't the place for actors instead of true servants of God. But as you said on the Rob Rufus blog - this yelling of "FIRE!" is a statement of faith and it isn't anything but!

This is a Leaders Conference isn't it and the reactions of these folk who are being prayed for is classic of the symbol. You stick your fingers in a plug and you will get a reaction - cessationist or no. These people have put their fingers into heavenly voltage and there is a reaction!

Thank you for this! And God speed next week! We are all excited to hear what happens as a result of this conference! It may not be large numerically (yet) but I prophesy that the impact and fall out from this conference will be greater than many many conferences that meet for teaching and head impartation alone. The fall out from this conference will sweep the nations.

Dr S A J ?Burgess

Don said...

This is so exciting to see and hear - this was very common during the 90s renewal, and I'm so glad to see the Spirit using this rapid-fire impartation method through Rob.

A few years ago on a missions trip to Mexico, a guy in our host church was laying hands on people during a prayer meeting, and shouting "El Fuego de Dios!" He did that to me, and I could feel something powerful at work inside me!

Back home the next week, I went to a relative's memorial service attended by hundreds (most unbelievers) and held in a church. Like many others, I went to the pulpit to make some remarks. It turned out I was the only person to mention my relative's faith in God, rather than remember his lifetime accomplishments. I used the circumstances of his death to challenge people to reflect on the brevity of life, and turn to God.

Before my experience in Mexico, I never never never would have been bold enough to get up and do this! I'd never given an "altar call" in my life! But something happened in me when the Mexican pressed his hand on my chest and yelled out, "El Fuego de Dios!", and the Holy Spirit burned inside me! I got boldness that wouldn't allow me to sit still and let the opportunity pass by for hundreds of people to be confronted with their need for Christ before they, too, had to die.

May this and much more be imparted to you, Dan, during your trip to Hong Kong next week! God go with you, brother!! -- Don

Dan Bowen said...

Thanks Don!! And thank you for your wise counsel and advice that helped me take the step of faith! I love that; "El Fuego de Dios!!". Wow! :)