Sunday, October 21, 2007

Off to Hong Kong!!

This is my last post before leaving for Hong Kong later today and the "Grace and Glory!" Conference. I hope to get internet access out there and post as to what is happening there - but that will depend on what God is doing! There is a marked difference between the way I've been preparing for this conference as compared to the "Together on a Mission" conference and it demonstrates how much I am learning from Rob's teaching on grace. I contemplated attempting a 40 day fast before Brighton in the hope that such a fast would "make" the tidal wave of glory come. However I have learnt how stupid that is - and how utterly under law. God delights to come in glory and make His Presence manifest to His people but responds to faith and not law.

So this week I have spent time listening to sermon on sermon of Rob Rufus's about grace and glory. I have learnt so much and spent much of it in tears at the awesome love of God demonstrated in His Son. I wanted to type up another few sermons on the Rob Rufus blog but time has run away with me. Here's a few key quotes of Rob's on the grace of God that challenged me so much. They are from Rob's latest sermon in the Holy Spirit series preached on the 14th October 2007.

"God is not interested in behaviour modification but heart transformation. The law addresses behaviour but grace addresses the heart".

"If your effort got you there, then your effort must keep you there BUT if grace got you there, then grace will keep you there!".

"Under the law you have to obey to get the blessing. Under grace, Jesus obeyed so you will get the blessing".

"Don't tithe into a legalistic church - don't empower legalism! Find grace - TRUE grace - churches!".

Have a great week and enjoy the grace and Presence of the Holy Spirit!


Jesse P. said...

Have fun. I'll be praying for you.

Dan Bowen said...

Thanks Jesse!! If the week continues as it started then I am gonna come back a changed person freed (I pray!) from the legalism of my past and more confident in the awesome grace of God and what He accomplished at Calvary!