Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Rob Rufus Blog!!

I just wanted to draw attention to a new blog that I've started last night (hopefully with my friend Julie and Don) which is working to spread the teaching and wonderful revelations of Rob Rufus! It's called;

I have started typing up more and more of his sermons and felt that the "Spirit of God!" blog wasn't really the place for it. I am going to start just using it as a public forum to post my notes from his wonderful sermons that I listen to but obviously add other "Rob-related" material as appropriate. Now I have been accused before of exalting servants of God to stations that they do not want and don't deserve. Indeed Rob himself said;

"I am tired of Christian celebrities and conferences that announce the coming of a guru. God is bringing a seaon where He is using the little people of the Kingdom who don't know what they are doing and have no self-confidence".

So it's not my intention at all to exalt a man. But I wrote in my post; "3 Encounters" that Rob has exposed me to more basic grace-teaching and mind-blowing concepts such as God loves me ... without a hint of anger or frustration but doesn't remain there and goes on to teach how we can go on into the throne room of heaven secure in the glory of that. I am passionately convinced that these truths need as broad and as wide exposure as possible and hopefully this blog will go towards accomplishing that.

Rob said this in a recent sermon;

"If this message could get into the 1 billion people who say they are Christians then the Church would be a different place. There would be automatic inner healing and stability in the Body of Christ and it should come from the pulpit, not a thousand courses out there".

If this blog gets this message into places where perhaps it hasn't got before and maybe to people who haven't heard of Rob Rufus and ask; "Who IS this Rob Rufus?" - then it's a job well done!


James B said...

You're incredible - I really don't know how you work an over-full time job (I estimate you work on average 45 hours a week) and also get time to run five blogs!!

Each are serving the Kingdom of God in ways that you'll never even know. Keep at it and ignore the grace-hating spirits!

Anonymous said...

Horray!! Finally a Rufus blog!!

Jim Bartley