Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chris takes the plunge!!

There's never a more exciting moment for me when a dear friend takes the plunge and launches into the weird and wonderful world of blogging. Despite the multitude of blogs, there are still precious few that warrant a visit - that I know are going to be producing material that is spiritually stirring, theologically precise but above all urging a deeper relationship with our beloved Lord. Chris is one such friend I've been urging privately and publicly to start up his own blog. He is probably one of the most faithful commentators on my blog in the past few months and many will have noticed that his comments are usually quite lengthy but always stimulating and deserving of a blog post of their own!

Well he's done it - and what a more prophetically significant date to begin than 8th August 2008.

Here it is: "On Now to the 3rd Level ...".

I can't recommend it enough. There's one post there at the moment, but I suspect Chris is going to swiftly change that and I am eager for post after post which continually motivates the Church and never let's us settle at the present status quo (the mess we are in) - but demands that the Church lifts it's head and follows the heart beat of God and looks to the optimistic bright future where the earth SHALL be filled with the glory of God!


Shawna said...


This is great news. For everybody! Thank you for going for it Chris! And thank you Dan for encouraging all of us, in various ways to "go for it". I feel like celebrating! Potential and wonderful implications are abounding!

Mom said...

Ooh Go for it Shawna!!!

Shawna said...

You just made me laugh out loud, Lydia-on-her-mom's-computer! :)

07000intune said...

I really had a strong sense some time back that there was a compound effect going on with your blog, which was why I wasn't particularly bothered with going to the hassle and discipline of regularly doing one myself...especially with running a business and family...and various church responsibilities.
You have all been so kind. And this write up is completely unexpected.Thanks.Thanks.Thanks.

lydia joy said...

oops, glad you figured it out Shawna!! silly me!!

Sheila said...

"Go Chris....go Chris....go Chris"! Write, write, and write more. I have rec'd some excellent insights from your writing.