Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Julie's Videos from the Glory Encounters Conference!!

Many of you may remember how excited I was to be able to support and see my dear friends Julie and Aaron go to Hong Kong earlier this year to the "Glory Encounters Conference". Joshua and Janet Mills and Kaye Beyer were the visiting speakers. Julie wrote a number of reports about their time there here and here.

Well quite by accident I was on You-Tube looking at some videos of Kenneth Hagin and I found that Julie had very secretively posted three videos of their time there! I don't think she has linked to them on her blog yet so I thought I would make mention of them - they need to be seen!

Here's the first video - with the wonderful Bonnie Rufus leading worship. The camera scans past Rob and Glenda and Joshua Mills on the front row;

The second video is slightly dark but it again scans past Rob and Glenda enjoying watching the people of the conference encountering God in powerful ways;

The third video is from the back of the hall and you can see Kaye Beyer and Janet Mills ministering to the people while Joshua plays the keyboard at the front of the hall. I loved this video - it brought back such memories of "Glory and Grace" last year. I climbed on a pile of chairs when I had recovered from the fire tunnel and just sat watching what God was doing to His children so lovingly.

Thank you Julie for faithfully recording these! I am so excited that I will be coming to Hong Kong next March with a proper camcorder also so we can bring back clips of how God is moving and what the glory cloud is doing!


jul said...

I wasn't trying to be secretive! But I'm glad you found them, I think I did post at least on on the rob rufus blog...

Dan Bowen said...

Ah don't worry - I was THRILLED to find them! :) It brought back such a rush of glory I have been hungering after! Yes I remember now, you did post the first one! But here they are - all 3 in their glory!

Dan Bowen said...

PS: I am going to reply to your email - haven't forgotten, I'm just praying about it loads!!