Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rob Rufus on Suffering and the Glory

"Only those who are willing to suffer persecution, rejection and being misunderstood will carry the higher level of the glory".

Rob Rufus - "Attitudes That Attract The Empowering Grace Of God - Part 4" - City Church International, Hong Kong - 10th August 208.


Sheila said...

Just wanted to tell you, Dan, how very much your post, "God, the Eternal Optimist" blessed me. Excellent revelation and insight into an encouraging verse of Scripture, my friend!

Never give up. Don't know why I am led to tell you that....but you are to *never* give up. God will complete everything He has begun in You...HE, HIMSELF, BY HIMSELF will complete it.

Dan Bowen said...

Thank you!! :) Wow - another "spot-on" prophetic sense from a dear friend! You, Julie, Nick ... God is SOOOO gracious to give me such sisters in Christ who are constantly attuned to His voice and His heart!

I haven't really shared what's going on. Here it is in a nutshell. Many of you know that I work at a children's hospice and have been loving it generally for the last 11 months. However there is one member of staff there who has taken a dislike to me since I've started there and things have taken a turn for the worst. This person has brought an utterly false accusation against me and so in a couple of weeks I have to go to a formal meeting to try and justify myself and my actions.

So as you see ... spot on! :)

Dan Bowen said...
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Sheila said...

Whew. What incredible stress. I had no idea. Feel free to send me an email (if you'd rather not post more publicly, here) simply letting me know what day this meeting will be, and I will commit to pray for you on that day.

Grace and Peace...the very fullness of what those words yours, Dan.

Nick Cameron said...

Gosh Dan - I had no idea and when I e-mailed you the other night it was because you were so on my heart and I had to share what I did with you - be standing in the gap and praying for you!
God give you all that you need for the coming days - bless ya bro!
Nick x