Sunday, September 07, 2008

Benny Hinn in Harrods!!

We've just come back from a fantastic weekend in London - went to see "Wicked" the musical - as part of my best friend's birthday treat! After experiencing the incredible Hillsongs church in the morning we went shopping around Knightsbridge and of course popped into Harrods. I've wanted to wander round the renowned Food Court for years (without having my mother trying to rush me along!).

Anyhow I was intrigued to see a group of very smart men in suits come walking through the Food Court surrounding a small grey haired man who I vaguely recognised but wasn't sure where from. Then I got it. It was Benny Hinn and his security detail! I have to admit being shamelessly awestruck. We followed them down to the Wines, Spirits and Cigars section below the Food Court ... I guess I wondered what brand of wine Benny liked. Then I got a hold of myself and we went back up to the Food Court but saw the entourage come back up again and begin browsing round.

So here it is (Benny is wearing dark glasses);

My immediate thought when they had passed by was why didn't I brave the bodyguards and run up and ask Benny to lay hands on me and transfer something of his anointing to me? British pride maybe. Fear of his bodyguards bundling me away? Maybe. But I did contemplate that my desperation and hunger for the anointing definately needs to increase so that I overcome these fears and seek "touching the hem of the robe" of any gifted anointed servant of God! Then I found myself wondering and dreaming about what would have happened had Benny laid hands on me in the middle of Harrods Food Court and what I may have manifested!!

But there we go! A Christian celebrity sighting in Harrods!


Dan Bowen said...

BTW: Funny addendum, just after I finished taking this video Benny and his bodyguards headed directly for us and Benny started browsing round the bakery section too. We couldn't get past them at all and were worried I had been spotted vidoeing and they thought maybe I was a secret cessationist assasin or something!

Ryan said...

You're a funny funny man Dan!!!

ianmcn said...

Is it me, or is there something strange about a Christian minister having a security detail in the way a president or PM might? Seems a bit like putting your faith in Chariots and Horses. I can't quite imagine the Apostles (who were in much more constant danger than Benny) had a gang of heavies to defend them.

Dan Bowen said...

Ha ha thanks Ryan! :)

Ah interesting question ianmcn - I wondered when someone would bring that up. I must admit, it did cross my mind too. And probably was the main reason why I didn't go near Benny - because believe me, those guys were BIG! And looked very serious!

I remember Rob Rufus made a comment about someone being assigned to Joshua Mills when he came to visit City Church, and that struck me as rather odd too. My answer (and it's just my thoughts) is this:

Is it because men and women who move in the supernatural are so rare these days that they become almost automatic celebrities and may be approached by desperate people who need healing at any time of the day or night - and sometimes that desperation may turn into danger?

I know that if I had terminal cancer, I would risk all to try and get a touch off Benny Hinn, Todd Bentley, Rob Rufus, Heidi Baker - you name it. And if nothing happened with one touch I would want more touches! Desperation can lead to irrational behaviour and maybe that's the reason?

You mentioned the apostles - I wonder if at times they acted like Jesus's gang of heavies? After all didn't He have to say; "Let the little children come to Me and don't hinder them".

I'm not justifying anything - I don't know Benny Hinn's ministry very well, but I'm just commenting on something that intrigued me too.

jul said...

LOL, I was laughing all through your story! I've been thinking about writing something about christian celebrities lately, so it's funny to see you write this. Course, I was thinking along the lines of doing away with the celebrity mindset when it comes to brothers in Christ...