Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's the Power that Will Bring the Young!

Another Hillsongs-inspired post. I was walking back from my last night shift at the hospice for a much needed week and a half off (but working probably at the Childrens Hospital!) and was thinking ... I do that a lot! I was incredibly moved during the night by having to wash and dress a teenager with Muscular Dystrophy (a disorder I'm coming rapidly to hate) and was so upset by his fraility and the awareness he had that he needed complete care. If he felt anything like I did when I was a teenager, he would probably be mortified at having to be washed and dressed by two adults. I did my best to laugh and joke with him but still ... my heart went out to him.

Then I happened to be listening to the awesome song "Believe" from the older Hillsongs album; "For This Cause" and I remembered that during the video - as you will see - they get hundreds of young people up and the sight of them worshipping God with all their hearts just moves me so much. Young people are getting a bad rap in the UK at the moment - what with the almost monthly news of some new stabbing. I wonder if the cry of their hearts (even if they don't realise it) is something like this;

"I'm sick of playing the game of religion - I'm tired of losing my reason for living - Where's the power? - The power of the cross in my life?".

Here's the video. Watch the teenagers carefully.

Don't we owe them the power of the Cross at the very least? Doesn't that teenager that I had to carefully wash and dress this morning for fear of breaking one of his fragile bones DESERVE the right to experience and see the power of God unveiled through His people - His Bride - the Church in signs and wonders and miracles that accompany the words from our mouths? Doesn't he (and thousands of millions of others crippled by disease) deserve the touch of power and love and compassion from us who have been changed by the awesome revelation of the New Covenant?

Still believing ... still reaching ...


Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Haven't heard from you in a while.
This post is really a propos...connecting with my last night at RiverCAMP.

Sheila Atchley said...

Oh Dan. don't get me started. I can't think of anything that means more to me, other than personally having more of God Himself. I want so badly to see this generation captured by God...consumed with a passion for Him....filled with the Holy Ghost. God, please show this generation Your great grace and glory!