Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dr Lloyd-Jones on Word and Spirit

A telling reminder from Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones in these days of obsession with intellectual doctrine and theology;

"These two; "the Holy Spirit"; "the Word of God". We must never seperate them and if we ever do we shall go astray. Some people put their emphasis only on the word. These are the intellectuals. "Ah" they say, "nothing matters but the ties on theology and doctrine". As a result they may become proud of their own great knowledge. They may get the admiration of others who join in with them, but this is nothing but a little mutual admiration society. Nobody is converted, nobody is convicted. Heads packed with knowledge and understanding - useless! "Word only" you see".

Why settle for one or the other when we can have both? Or more appropriately SHOULD have both?


Sheila said...

Hi Dan...just a quick note and question. First of all, I've a bit of heaviness for you. I'm sorry you are dealing with what has to be near-dangerous stress levels on your job. May your life be hid with Christ, in God, so that your enemies cannot find you.

Quick question. As you might remember, I'm new to blogging. I just started mine a couple of months ago. Today, for the first time, I've been royally flamed by some cute, anonymous person. :-)

How do you handle that, Oh Blogging Guru? Do you let others who read your blog, come wittily to your defense (as I have you, on your blog before - ACK!) you not even "dignify" the person with a response?

Or can I let 'em have it with all the wit and spit and vinegar that dwells within?? (I'm only sort of kidding...)

I eagerly await your seasoned and shrewd opinion...

janelle said...

Like the true!

Dan Bowen said...

Hi Sheila!

I'm sorry to hear the curse of anonymity has reared it's ugly head on your blog - alas these sorts of cowards seem to follow anyone who has an opinion that doesn't fit their own "orthodox" views.

My own personal approach has been simply mine - there's no right or wrong. I know some bloggers like Adrian Warnock have reacted to being attacked by comments by removing the comment feature altogether. I don't personally think that's right for me. When you remove comments, it stops being a blog and becomes a teaching forum. I'm not a teacher and I actually appreciate feedback on my blog.

The only stipulations where I tend to get involved in comments is where the anonymous individual attacks either my close friends or women. I'm particularly fierce about both! A couple of times I have removed a comment because it was so offensive.

But if the person is attacking me and they are anonymous I will tend to ignore it. To my mind, if they are too cowardly to reveal themselves then why should I take the time to respond?

Hope that helps!

Dan x

Sheila said...

Thanks, Dan, it helps. I particularly value the advice regarding walking the "fine line" of removing comments or not removing them.

"Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart...wait, I say, on the Lord."