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Rory and Wendy Alec on Todd Bentley (and a few other bits)

I had an email from God TV this morning and was interested to see that it was Rory and Wendy Alec and they were talking about Todd Bentley. I'm glad of this because I know public opinion that was anti-Todd generally blamed God TV (I think) for the publicity that it took to Florida. So it's suitable in a sense that the Alecs who made that decision had a say on the matter. I have to confess before-hand that I've been guilty of not thinking hugely highly of the Alecs. I've watched quite a bit of God TV since I moved to Birmingham and have watched a lot of their commentary - particularly around the Jerusalem "altar" thing.

An Apology and a Clarification ...

Before I copy what they had to say (and I think it's good and sensible and balanced and non-judgemental and full of hope) - I just wanted to make a correction to something I said in my previous post and may have unwittingly caused a bit of offence to my fave Florida blogger Janelle. I'd never ever want to do that as she's a great friend so wanted to set the record straight. I mentioned in passing the "Gospel Song" that SGM sing and didn't perhaps make the most flattering of comments about it. I want to make it clear that I wasn't against the song. It's a pretty simple song and can be quite powerful when used appropriately in worship. Although "Draw Me Close to You" still wins in my book ...

What I had a problem with was the DVD showing of a sketch that they performed at Covenant Life Church in which the performance of the "Gospel Song" was the climax. I have looked for the sketch on You-Tube but can't seem to find it. As I recall it was performed as part of CLC's 30th year anniversary or 25 years. It began with various people being introduced and singing different expressions of the Gospel and of the Kingdom. The only one I really remember (because it's probably the expression of my background deep in Ern Baxter and the Dales Bible Bible) was one where a man comes on stage and sings; "I'll build My church and the gates of hell will not prevail". Each person keeps singing and singing until the whole chorus sounds a bit loud.

Then a lady comes on and sings the Gospel Song and everyone else falls silent. The message seemed to me to be that all these other expressions are simply that - noise and they are inferior to the simple message that Jesus Christ died for our sins. And as I tried to say perhaps badly before - it's not that I disagree with the song itself. It's the suggestion that all other aspects of the Gospel are inferior. Why do we have to strip the Gospel down to it's bare bones? To the bones of salvation? That's my problem with the sketch. Hope that clears it up!

Lakeland ...

Now onto Rory and Wendy Alec and their comments on Lakeland;

"Beloved GOD TV viewer,

In the light of many statements having been released about the LAKELAND OUTPOURING and concerning Todd Bentley’s marital situation, we sensed that the Lord has released us to write concerning this situation, so that you, our viewers would know our heart concerning this matter.

The first thing we feel led to do is to state unequivocally that in the same manner as the Lord instructed us to broadcast and serve TheCall gatherings with Lou Engle; to broadcast what was happening at the International House of Prayer with Mike Bickle; Rick Joyner and MorningStar; the Solemn assembly in San Francisco; BattleCry and Teen Mania with Ron Luce; Focus on the Family’s prayer event for America; the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem; and hundreds of other anointed events over the past three years, we believe that the Lord instructed us to broadcast the Outpouring services at Lakeland with Todd Bentley.

It was not a mistake.
It was not by mistake.

We believe it was a clear instruction from the Lord.

Over the past twelve years, but especially since our launch in America, we have in obedience to the Lord searched through the earth for those events and anointings that the Lord has laid on our hearts – to amplify their message and anointing to the Body of Christ in this crucial endtime hour that we live in.

The Lakeland Outpouring with Todd Bentley was one of those events. We received over 45 000 e-mails many, many of these heart rending, powerful testimonies from viewers across the earth of their bodies or their families bodies healed, their lives transformed and their hearts revived.
None of us have ever seen such significant fruit in all the years of broadcast.

Far more profound than that were the desperate cries for help. I (Wendy), would go through the live inbox and see the desperate cries from mothers, wives, sons and daughters, so many with TERMINALLY ILL husbands, wives, children, sometimes babies in arms – sensing HOPE in their situation that for so long had been without hope.

Just reading these prayer requests would bring one to tears –
We are often so cloistered from the agony of peoples day by day real life agonies - and their agonies were written there.

So much so - that we both sensed that would need the word of the Lord under the fear of God to stop these broadcasts with the life changing impact they were having in homes not only in the UK and America but all across the world. And the Glory of the Living God that was being imparted.

We both kept a very close pulse on the revival since the start of its broadcast - we had first hand knowledge of the enormous criticism, persecution and reviling that Todd Bentley was receiving (often we were second contenders for it) but it was Todd Bentley and the Fresh Fire team who received the terrible weight of this.

Todd ministered each day as the revival continued but was consistently and unrelentingly criticized, maligned, persecuted - the attacks grew increasingly violent - and the heartbreaking thing was that so much of it came from the Church.

At the same time, Todd was facing a second wave of attack. This was from the covens, the warlocks - we heard firsthand concerning some of these assignments. The enemy had heard of the great honoring of the Lamb and was determined to destroy it - BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE AND AT ANY COST.

And the cost was Todd Bentley.

Was it because Todd was vulnerable and certain areas of his life were not surrendered wholly? Yes – like so many of us - in all probability.

Was it because the character of Christ was not yet formed in him in the equivalent measure to his gifting? Yes - like so many of us - in all probability.

Could it be the case that there by the grace of God go YOU AND I… Yes - In all probability.
Some of the areas in our lives are watertight and have been honed and refined and polished by the Lord while still other areas in our lives are often still in desperate need of attention. We are an ongoing work and we work out our salvation with fear and trembling.

Well - all ministers who preach should ensure their lives are in order, you may be saying.
Yes - we and our board and our minister peers across the globe agree wholeheartedly.
And yet, beloved - unfortunately, THERE ARE TIMES when satan comes unawares and targets a vulnerable area whose weaknesses only become apparent under the most enormous and unrelenting pressure brought to bear.

We believe and of course this is just our personal opinion, that the revival stirred up the satanic realms in a manner that has rarely been seen and with a violent wrath.
It is difficult to understand the degree of spiritual battle that comes against a leader. We have learned we need to protect the move of God with greater prayer for leaders, including ourselves. The body of Christ is growing in greater transparency and accountability, and this too should be a subject of prayer.

Should all of us wait till we are as perfect and as watertight as can be and mature in every area - that of course, would be the safest course of action, but the truth is that most of us would be 90 years old!

The Lord who made us and knows that we are as dust and yet looks on us with His great mercies and compassions knows this and He the sovereign God of heaven and earth still chooses to take a GOD-risk on you and I every day of our lives.
That even under the most intense pressure that we would choose HIM.
That we would love HIM.
That in times of intense duress and temptation that we would follow HIM.

And let it be so - even more in all our lives, but beloved - let us not forget so many of those who walk in ministry across the earth today with such COURAGE and FERVOR and lay their lives down for HIS CAUSE at great cost to themselves - Todd and Shonnah sowed their lives to sow the seeds of revival and we believe became a supreme target of the enemy.

On the June 23rd, Todd actually spoke openly and with great vulnerability of his and Shonnah’s previous marriage challenges and how they had faced those challenges and the Lord had begun His work. He did not try to hide their struggle but shared their ongoing journey.
As Rick Joyner so wisely put it –
"In marriage, I have learned there are those who admit they have been through times when they wondered if their marriage would make it, and then there are liars. Relationships are hard, and the closer they are, the harder they can be. I tell everyone that I give premarital counseling to that the Lord has ordained their marriage in order to kill both of them! That is true. It is also worth it! The greatest gift He gave to man was marriage and family. However, to have a marriage that is good, both will have to die to themselves. If either one does not make the commitment to lay down their life for their mate and their family, then what was meant to be heaven can be hell."

It is an ongoing walk - and we all are ongoing works. But the Lord said something to us some years ago - He said - When you hate sin because it HURTS ME - then it will lose its grip on you. When you hate sin because it displeases ME - its hold diminishes.

The Lord also shared with us that someone can be deceived in an AREA of sin but it does not necessarily mean that in every area of his or her life or ministry, they were walking in deception as some critics of the revival may lean to believe.

And who is to judge that the Lord does not hold the violent unleashing of criticism and faultfinding and tearing down and divisiveness of the heresy hunters, as severe a sin as separation in a marriage?

We will find out before the judgement seat in eternity.

One of our greatest grievings has been to see how many in the church backtracked to protect their own reputations. We have been truly refreshed by several close ministry friends with their uncompromising love of truth and lack of a man pleasing spirit that has arisen in the church in the light of the Lakeland aftermath. They have given us fresh courage when we grew weary.

So beloved friend –

Do we at GOD TV refute the Outpouring? NO.

We are presently planning to broadcast other offshoots of Lakeland in both the United Kingdom and America, including revival meetings in Dudley, England.

We have determined in our hearts to follow the Lord with all our might as courageously and as boldly as we can, to reject the pressures to bow to a man pleasing spirit but instead to humble ourselves under the Fathers leading.

For HE is our all in all.
He is our great desire.

Finally, dear friends, while we defend and rejoice in the many ten thousands that God lifted and healed, we also know that there were dear souls, sheep, who were scattered as a result of Todd’s personal choices. The Bible says that “hope deferred makes the heart sick” and this is the last thing GODTV would want to see happen. We arepraying for any that stumbled and believing that the Lord will restore them to Himself.

Remember: this was never about Todd Bentley. It was always about the Holy Spirit and the fact that God loved you and I. It was GOD who touched our lives.
One thing, we felt impressed upon our hearts thirteen years ago when we first launched this ministry. That the Father will allow none of us - whether in ministry or as a viewer to hold idolatry in our hearts for any man.

For the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit alone are to receive our worship.
We continue on the road to maturity.We continue our efforts to serve an end time spiritual army.

We continue to try each day to humble ourselves under the mighty hand of the ONLY one who is worthy of ALL adoration.

Remember also, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.
Let’s turn our eyes toward Him and away from our trust in man.
He who sent His only begotten Son.
The Great Father of Compassions.
To Him alone we bow.
Personally we believe that the best is yet to come.
For our King and His Kingdom".


07000intune said...

we all thought alike then!!Imean I wanted to put it up, but Lydia Joy already had.

did you get that fun singing email.
did you try it with other silly words?

Nick Cameron said...

Hey Dan
Thanks for this post!
It is like 3am on Sunday morning and I can't sleep so what better to do than read your blog!
What really struck me is that earlier today I blogged about the 'stained glass masquerade' and here I am reading your blog and what hit me was the Alec's comment:-
'We are often so cloistered from the agony of peoples day by day real life agonies - and their agonies were written there.'

They were talking of the e-mails they received during Lakeland. How desperately we need revival, how desperately we need to be 'open churches' so that broken people can share and know healing without fear, so many hurting, aching people, but so many trapped in trying to make the grade with inner turmoil - Billy Graham's daughter wrote a book with a powerful title 'In every pew sits a broken heart' or something to that affect.
I know we can't go on all living behind masks, skimming over real life pain - it sounds like many, many people knew a touch from God during Lakeland, many of them e-mailed God TV - but where are the lonely and broken now - we so need revival.......we so need God...... we so, so, so need Him.........I for one am desperate for Him.....

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T. Morganhouse said...

Ignorance is bliss.
There is comfort in denial.