Saturday, May 30, 2009

Resurrection of "Spirit of God" blog!!

I had a chat with Pete Day yesterday and we've agreed that it's time to get this too-neglected blog up and running again. I've given it a face-lift as well which I hope is helpful. The reason is that I've begun having an increased amount of very interested and maybe significant dreams. Now instantly the mention of "dreams" I am sure flags up orthodoxy alerts in some reformed Christians! But we cannot escape the fact that not only did the prophet Joel predict the coming of dreams in New Covenant life but Peter also spoke of it after the pouring out of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost;

Acts 2:17; "And it shall be in the last days' God says, 'That I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind; ... your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams".

The Bible is full of dreams! So why are we ignoring them? I was fascinated to find a book on exorcism recently brought out by the Roman Catholic church. It seems that they have recently set up a college for priests because they are recognising that the need to deal with the demonic. Where are evangelical Christians and what are we doing to respond to this need? But in terms of dreams it is not acceptable to ignore any dreams God may give simply because some dreams may be thanks to an over-indulgence of cheese!

Chuck Pierce defines dreams as;

"A dream is a release of revelation (whether natural or spiritual) that comes at a time when your body is at peace and you are settled".

So my hope in resurrecting the "Spirit of God!" blog is to document dreams and visions that I get. I would love anyone who also has dreams to write in and I will try and post them. It would be great to see this neglected area of God's gifts restored and see how He is speaking to us - His Church. Keep your eyes peeled on the blog - hopefully more dreams to come!


Nick Cameron said...

Dan - just wanted to say re your comment on where are evangelicals and dealing with the demonic? That I know for certain that this is something that the Bible College that I work at does deal with training anyone that goes into the ministry on handling these things! So take heart leaders do receive training! x

Taking Flight said...

Dan, super glad you are resurrecting the blog:-) What's your email address, I get dreams every once in a while, and got one a couple weeks ago that was pretty awesome.