Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sam Storms on Resisting Temptations

I was just sorting through my bookshelves and found some prayer journals when I used to rather legalistically read the Bible and pray and fast in an attempt to gain some blessing from God. It was sobering to read the endless cycle of despair, hope, despair and hope. It made me realise how much grace has freed me from burdens! But I found this excellent quote of Sam Storms on Friday 2nd March 2001;

"The decision to say "No" to sin must itself be energised by the assurance of delight in an alternative "Yes" - the only way to fight the seductive power of one pleasure is with a greater pleasure - a more pleasing pleasure, the pleasure that comes from falling in love with Jesus!".

I think it was from his marvellous book; "Pleasures Evermore: Life-Changing Power of Enjoying God". Surely again here is the great connection with the Song of Solomon and the amazing truths it has to teach us about the passionate love of the Father for us. How can we ever even hope to find that superior pleasure that will triumph over sin if we will not receive His love?

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